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Premiere partie 163
XANA-Chris was a Polymorphic Specter sent to get Aelita into Lyoko. This Polymorph seemed too overly concentrated on his mission to avoid raising an alarm. For example, he didn't bother giving an excuse for been carrying Aelita, to Millie and Tamyia, who saw him.

After Virtualizing Hopper's daughter, he returned to his master. But, then XANA sent him again to the real world, to deal with Jeremie. Fortunately, Ulrich and Odd appear along with Jim and the real Chris. The two grow ups fight XANA-Chris, who later assumes the form of Jim. When XANA-Chris is about to electrocute Chris, Aelita deactivates the tower, killing XANA-Chris.


  • XANA-Chris, along with XANA-Agent, were the most monotonous and emotionless Polymorphs XANA has created.

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