After XANA left the Supercomputer in The Key, he entered the network and began to create his own virtual worlds (Replikas) by gaining control of o'ther Supercomputers' around the globe. These Supercomputers are positioned in very hard to reach places such as the Jungle Research Facility where the Supercomputer for Replika 1 was housed. XANA also creates Polymorphic Spectres to run these facilities and make sure that they are not revealed or damaged. It is eventually shown that XANA had countless Replikas all over the Network, meaning that he had control over countless supercomputers until he was destroyed by Jeremie's multi agent program.

Replika 1Edit

The first new Supercomputer was seen in the Jungle Research Facility. It contained a Replika of the Forest sector. This supercomputer was shut down by destroying the generators that powered the facility. This happened in the episode Bragging Rights.

Replika 2Edit

The second Supercomputer was located in another research facility located in New Mexico. The Replika housed was a copy of the Desert sector. This facility was first visited by Ulrich and Aelita in A Lack of Goodwill. They were not able to investigate the site further due to William appearing and trying to destroy Lyoko's Supercomputer. This Supercomputer was destroyed after Ulrich stabbed its center with his sabres in Hard Luck.

Replika 3Edit

The third Supercomputer was located on the new international Space Station and contained a replika of Carthage. Odd destroyed this Supercomputer in A Space Oddity by damaging some pipes which leaked water onto the computer interface, causing the Supercomputer to explode.

Replika 4Edit

The fourth Supercomputer was located in a Siberian Research Facility and contains a Replika of the Ice Barrier sector. This was the only shown Replika Supercomputer that was not destroyed physically by the team. The purpose of this Replika was to create an army of robots. This Supercomputer was supposedly shut down following XANA's destruction.

Gallery Edit

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