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Wreck Room
Episode No. 69
Production No. 404
Air Date June 26, 2007
Sector Desert
XANA attack method

Wreck Room is the sixty-ninth episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on June 26, 2007.


The episode opens with Odd and Ulrich in the bathroom, Odd starts to depict a nightmare he had about French fries being completely eradicated. Ulrich then goes to Jeremie’s room and finds Jeremie asleep at the keyboard; Jeremie wakes up and tells Ulrich that he had been trying to find a way to get William home and that he had just perfected it. Jeremie goes down to breakfast that Odd had taken his breakfast portion, the principal then enters and announces that the new Recreation room (aka Wreck Room) would be opened in the afternoon and that a monitor should be elected to supervise its use. After breakfast the students go into the yard where they begin to debate who should be monitor, Sissi nominates herself but Odd says that if she were monitor, the study hall would be more entertaining and then he nominates himself although Yumi states that he wouldn’t have the time due to XANA. Jim then comes along and chooses a selection of candidates and asks the other students to vote. The winner is Williams clone, who dimwittedly asks what he has won after Jim declared him the winner. This spells trouble for the team and Jeremie says that Odd, Ulrich and Yumi should stay with the clone and keep him out of trouble while he and Aelita go to the factory and run the program to get William home.

That afternoon, the clone begins to act stupidly from the beginning when trying to unlock the wreck room by turning the key the wrong way. The team follow the clone into the room where Jim immediately challenges the students to ping pong. Jeremie and Aelita get to the factory and begin to start up the program; Jeremie reveals that the tower used to create the William clone contains the real William’s DNA sequence code. Jim manages to beat Odd at ping pong and then he challenges the William clone despite Ulrich’s offer to play him instead and Yumi’s protests of his monitor duties. Jeremie launches the program however it bugs up and causes several of the towers functions to go offline. The bug caused the William clone to suddenly become competitive, arrogant and obnoxious, this did more good for Williams ping pong skills. When Odd attempts to make a distraction to make the change seem less obvious, the clone accuses him of being a loser and pushes him away from the table. Yumi calls Jeremie and tells him about the change and Jeremie replies that the tower is out of his control and Aelita goes to scanner room to be virtualized so she can deactivate the program manually. She gets virtualized a few yards away from the tower in the desert and when she gets there she finds that she cannot enter it as the file that links her to the tower has been bugged up, she elects to stay on Lyoko and wait for Jeremie to fix the program, soon after a group of Tarantula’s appear and approach the tower. Jeremie gives her the Overwing and she flies over the group, Jeremie then states that XANA is trying to take over the tower and the program that channels energy from Carthage is bugged up so he can’t protect it. Aelita begins to attack the Tarantula’s however the Tower is suddenly taken over by XANA.

The clone then attacks Yumi, when Jim tries to intervene, he is electrocuted by the clone and then Ulrich strikes the clone with a chair giving the team chance to leave the wreck room. They then decide to split up so the clone can only follow one of them, the clone then spots Ulrich and begins to follow him, as he runs Ulrich is stopped by Sissi who asks to stay with him, with no choice, Ulrich drags Sissi into the dorm rooms with the clone following. On Lyoko, Aelita continues to battle the Tarantula’s from the Overwing managing to take one out, Jeremie continues to try and debug the program when the holomap suddenly spots William approaching the tower being chased by three Krabe’s, Aelita spots that they are firing at him. William jumps onto one of them and destroys it with his sword, Aelita rushes to help him and Jeremie protests but then accepts that this might be the only way to save William. In the dorms, Ulrich and Sissi make their way to the attic while Odd and Yumi make it to the park entrance to the sewers. The clone quickly catches up and forces Ulrich and Sissi onto the roof of the dorms. One of the Krabe’s tackles William and is about to use is pulse cannon when Aelita destroys it with an energy field. William then takes down the other Krabe and Aelita greets him, however he replies “Nice to see you, Aelita.” Then he fires super smoke at her and knocks her unconscious. Odd and Yumi then arrive in the lab and Jeremie tells them to get to the scanner room immediately to help Aelita. William pilots the Overwing towards the edge of the sector with Aelita unconscious on it. Aelita manages to wake up and throw herself of the vehicle causing William to turn around. Aelita then gets up and runs back towards the tower with William closing in fast. As she runs Aelita spot a large boulder suddenly lift itself off the ground, she runs around it and the boulder suddenly hurls itself at William, destroying the Overwing and causing William to become a small cloud of smoke that continues to pursue Aelita. Odd then hovers the Overboard next to Aelita and she hops aboard.

On the roof of the dorms, Sissi and Ulrich slowly make their way to the other windows on the roof however the clone quickly jumps onto the roof and follows them, Sissi throws tiles at him that manages to slow him down. Yumi then hurls another boulder at William with her telekinesis, William blows it apart with his sword and then begins to fight Yumi. Odd and Aelita make it back to the tower and begin to fight the two remaining Tarantula’s. Ulrich and the clone then do close combat on the roof and the clone throws Ulrich off however he manages to grab hold of the gutter, the clone then goes to finish him but Sissi charges at him and slips, tripping the clone up and hurling them both off the roof, Ulrich manages to grab Sissi as she falls but the clone slams into the floor and immediately gets back up and begins to climb back up the stairs to the roof. Yumi is accidently caught off guard by William and is devirtualized, William then heads back to the tower. Odd meanwhile draws one of the Tarantula’s away to a large group of rocks and using his overboard manages to destroy it by performing various dives off the rock. Jeremie then tells Aelita that the tower program has been repaired and she can enter the tower. Aelita destroys the last Tarantula and is just about to enter the tower when William catches her with a smoke blast throwing her across the plateau where she stops just short of the edge. William is just about to push Aelita off the edge when Odd tackles him on the Overboard, Aelita gets up and manages to reach the tower. William devirtualizes Odd and growls in anger at his failure.

The clone kneels on the edge of the roof and begins to push Ulrich’s hand off the gutter. Aelita ascends to the upper tower and enters the CODE:LYOKO. The clone disappears in a shower of pixels and Ulrich and Sissi think they’re saved but the gutter begins to snap. Jeremie launches a return in time just as Ulrich and Sissi start to fall. The scene switches back to the group arguing about who will be monitor of the wreck room, this time the team agrees that Sissi should monitor the wreck room and when Jim asks why they chose her and not someone like William, William makes a silly remark making everyone laugh and Yumi takes him away with her and Jeremie swears that one day he will bring William home and the episode closes.


  • This is the first time the attic of Kadic is shown.

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Code: LYOKO episode
June 26, 2007
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