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Vertigo Title
Episode No. 44
Production No.
Air Date October 24th, 2005
Sector Ice Barrier
XANA attack method Possession of wolves.

Ulrich is afraid of heights… but he’s never dared admit it to his friends. Until one day in gym class, he has to race William up the climbing wall and is humiliated by him in front of Yumi. Crestfallen, he goes off to brood in the woods. Yumi and Odd set off to find him and cheer him up… and that’s when X.A.N.A. decides to attack. It sends a pack of wolves to wipe out our heroes! Jeremy and Aelita must act fast on Lyoko! [1]

Vertigo is the forty-fourth episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 24, 2005.


The team is in Carthage, on a data run. They manage to reach the key in time, but Odd is devirtualized. As Aelita is gathering data on XANA, the Mantas hatch and devirtualize Yumi as well. After evading the Mantas and their flying mines, Aelita and Ulrich escape on the Overbike. Jeremie analyzes the data and announces that it contains information that will help with Aelita's anti-virus. Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich head back to school for a rock-climbing contest in the gym, although Ulrich protests. Odd races against Herb, beating him easily because Herb freezes and falls off the wall. Ulrich is next, and although he makes it clear that he really doesn't want to climb, William goads him into it, asking if Ulrich is scared. Not wanting to seem weak in front of Yumi, Ulrich accepts Williams challenge, but freezes halfway up. Meanwhile, Jeremie and Aelita perfect the anti-virus, and Aelita convinces Jeremie to install it immediately. Back at the gym, Ulrich begins climbing. He promptly falls off, and Yumi realizes that he must have vertigo, which is the fear of heights. Embarrassed, Ulrich runs off, and Odd advises Yumi to give him sometime to get over it. Jeremie and Aelita activate the Anti-virus, and tell Odd and Yumi, who go to the forest to tell Ulrich. Aelita begins to feel strange, and, on her way to her room to lie down, Aelita vanishes. She alerts Jeremie, and they run back to the factory. In the forest, the others are attacked by a pack of XANA-fied wolves. They run, but are trapped up against a cliff face. Yumi and Odd make it up with little trouble, but Ulrich nearly falls. He is rescued by Odd and Yumi, while Jeremie discovers that the anti-virus has a bug, which prevents Aelita form deactivating any towers. Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd are attacked by wolves, and Ulrich falls off the cliff, although he is okay. They realize that the wolves are just images, or most of them are, at any rate. Aelita attempts to deactivate a tower, but can't even enter it. She is then met by the Scyphozoa. Jeremie starts to deactivate the anti-virus, while Ulrich fights off wolves so Yumi and Odd can help Aelita. Once virtualized, Odd and Yumi ride on their vehicles to find Aelita, but get in a fight with a Megatank, and Yumi gets devirtualized. Odd destroyed the Megatank with his overboard jet, and started running after Aelita's trail. Aelita manages to freeze the Scyphozoa and tries to escape, but she is cornered by the Hornets as the monster breaks free and begins stealing her memory. Odd sneaked past the Hornets by swimming under the icy water and severed the Scyphozoa's tentacles with rapid laser arrows, releasing Aelita. Ulrich is knocked down by the wolves, and is at their mercy. Jeremie manages to deactivate the anti-virus, and she deactivates the tower. A return to the past is then activated.

Back at school, Ulrich admits to William that he is afraid of heights. "First one to the top! Well?" "No thanks" "You chicken? You got vertigo or what?" "Yeah. What about it? No worse than being afraid of spiders..." The gang walks out, joking and laughing. While they where walking past willam ulrich says "See you around spider-man

Preceded by:
XANA's Kiss
Code: LYOKO episode
October 24, 2004
Succeeded by:
Cold War

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