Tip top 130

Jeremie activating a Tower.

A program which was created and continually used by XANA, this program allows the user to activate towers on Lyoko and create clones or form spectres to empower mortals. XANA has used this program in almost every episode to give himself access to the real world to control electrical objects and (from Season 2 onward) to create polymorphic clones and possess humans. Jeremie begins to use this program in Tip-Top Shape when he gives Odd invincibility and super powers. On other occasions Jeremie used it to activate towers was so he could help the group such as by decoding Franz Hopper's Diary and creating Polymorphic Clones. Franz Hopper Himself has used this program twice, once to possess Elizabeth Delmas in Contact and again in Revelation to complete the decoding of his diary. In season four, Jeremie became more active with this program as he used it to create a clone of himself and William, he also used the program to activate the tower that the Skidbladnir was attached to on a Replika.

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