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Tidal Wave Title
Tidal wave
Episode No. 55
Production No. 305(?)
Air Date October 6, 2006
Sector Mountain
XANA attack method
  • 1. Possession of boxes, food and cans.
  • 2. Raising the level of the Digital Sea.

Tidal wave was the third episode of the third season of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 6, 2006.


The episode opens with the group in the lab, Jeremy is analysing the recent data that the team had gathered from Carthage, hoping that it would allow him to find a way for fighting XANA on the internet. Odd then claims that he was hungry however he is distraught when he is told he couldn’t have breakfast as they would be late for gym class.

In the Gym, the group wait (with Odd stomach rumbling terribly) and Jim appears and announces that the class has been cancelled for a lecture about healthy eating by the school nurse, Yolonda Perrudin. After the lecture, Jim attempts to prove that he was a good example of healthy eating and accidently throws out his back while stretching (much to Yolonda’s displeasure). Odd meanwhile rushes to the cafeteria where he is horrified to hear that the school must now serve healthier food, even Rosa seems upset about it. Jeremy then announces that he and Aelita were going to return to the factory and asks Odd, Ulrich and Yumi if they would join them. Yumi couldn’t as she had Italian class and Odd told Ulrich to stay behind so that he could pilfer food after lunch period.

Jeremy and Aelita then arrive at the factory just as the Superscan lights up showing an activated tower, Jeremy texts Yumi who tricks the teacher into thinking William is ill and then ditches him as they head for the infirmary (to Williams annoyance). Jeremy then contacts Odd and Ulrich just as they are about to sneak into the lunch room. Odd refuses to be virtualized on an empty stomach and proceeds to enter the lunchroom when he is hit in the face by the door as Jim exits the lunchroom carrying a tray of junk food, claiming that healthy eating was good but he was starving. Upon noticing Odd and Ulrich, he stops and begins to ask them what they were doing there when the lunch room windows are smashed as food flies through them. They then build up to form a heap with a face and arms. Ulrich contacts Jeremy to warn him about the attack. Jeremy virtualises Aelita and Yumi into the mountain sector where they take the Overwing down one of the paths only to be followed by a group of Krabs, Yumi flies below the paths while Aelita fires energy fields at them. Meanwhile, Odd, Ulrich and Jim are fighting the monster when Jim is accidently knocked out by the cascading food. Aelita and Yumi continue to fly towards the tower when Aelita realises that the Digital Sea is rising, blocking the tower. Jeremy then tells them that monsters are attacking the Core of Lyoko, Aelita and Yumi then change course to fly towards the edge of the sector while being pursued by a swarm of Hornets. Odd and Ulrich then enter the sewers, Odd heads for the Factory while Ulrich skates around the passages distracting the monster.

Yumi is accidently knocked off the Overwing and is devirtualized by Aelita just before she strikes the sea. Aelita lands at the edge of the sector where she is attacked by the remaining hornets, Odd manages to arrive just before the digital sea covers the ground and Jeremy manages to call the Transport Orb just as Digital sea swallows the pathway.

Yumi goes to help Ulrich and just as she leaves the elevator, she finds that the food monster is waiting for her however she is saved by Ulrich dismantling the pile using a metal pole as a sword. Aelita and Odd reach the celestial dome without trouble, Odd heads for Lyoko’s core while Aelita looks for data to lower the Digital Sea. As Aelita searches a Creeper is fired out of the outer wall of the dome and Odd tries to deal with the three manta’s firing at the core and he watches as the first shield breaks. Aelita manages to destroy the creeper and continues to search the interface and Odd manages to destroy all the Manta’s without the last shield being destroyed.

Ulrich and Yumi attempt to hide however they are then ambushed by the food monster, Aelita finds the data and transfers it to Jeremy while Odd and Aelita return to the mountain sector on the Overbike. Jeremy manages to debug the Digital sea an it lowers, Aelita and Odd are then ambushed by a pair of Tarantula’s, Odd destroys them with the Overbike and Aelita deactivates the Tower. Jeremy brings Odd and Aelita back to earth before he contacts Yumi who says that they’re both fine, Jeremy then catches them on the security cameras where Odd jealously watches Ulrich eat an apple. Odd cries “I’M SO HUNGRY” as Jeremy launches a Time Reversion and the episode ends.


Preceded by:
Lyoko Minus One
Code: LYOKO episode
October 6, 2006
Succeeded by:
False Lead

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