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Swarming Attack
Episode No. 12
Production No. 112
Air Date May 4, 2004
Sector Forest
XANA attack method Possession of hornets to wipe out Team Lyoko.

Swarming Attack is the twelth episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on November 19, 2003, in the Republic of France and on May 4, 2004 in Columbia. It was included on the DVD set XANA Possessed.


In the Science Building, a hornet flies in the window and lands on a microscope, and a spectre possesses it. The computer in the room detects an anomaly in the bee's body, but nobody is in the room, so nobody notices. The bee then flies out to its nest and spreads XANA's new means of attack to his fellow insects.

Meanwhile, in Ulrich and Odd's dorm, Ulrich is reading something when he hears someone run up to his door and slip a paper inside, then runs away. Ulrich takes the paper, finding out it is a letter from Yumi saying she loves him. He then goes and meets with the rest of the gang, and asks Yumi if she's okay. Yumi says yes, then asks why, to which Ulrich says "Nothing. Just asking.", and goes to class, which is physical education, in which they are playing soccer with Jeremie as the goalie. Ulrich doesn't pay attention, and is still thinking about the letter, when a ball hits him in the face, making him faint for a short time. He wakes up to see Odd, Jeremie, and Jim standing over him. In the locker room, Odd inquires why he wasn't playing well that day, saying that even Jeremie was better that game, and Ulrich says that he got a letter from a girl, not specifying it was Yumi. Odd jokes about this, and afterwards Jeremie asks Odd whether he really played better than Ulrich or not.

In the Cafeteria, Odd and Jeremie converse about whom might be Ulrich's secret admirer. Odd suggests Claire, Sandra, Milly, and Tamiya, but Jeremie says they're all too young. Then Odd decides it must be Emily, as he spots her in line to get food. When Yumi overhears and asks Odd whom Emily is in love with, as Odd didn't mention Ulrich, Odd answers Jim, leading Yumi to say a comment about love being blind, only to find Jim behind her, who luckily didn't seem to hear.

Later, Ulrich is in the Park, reading Yumi's letter again and walking Kiwi, when the canine is attacked by a swarm of bees. Ulrich informs Mr. Delmas, who sends Mr. Roullier to dispatch the dangerous flying bugs. After trying to kill the hornets, Mr. Roullier comes screaming back to the Administrative Building as students flee. Team Lyoko happens to be present, and the four split up. Ulrich runs towards the Garden Shed and is almost stung, but Yumi saves him, fallin on top of him. The group gets back together in the Dormitory Building, where Jeremie says he and Odd should go to the Factory whilst Ulrich and Yumi try to destroy the bees on Earth. Ulrich then pulls Yumi aside to talk to her, but instead of telling her about the letter, she tells him the rumor about Emily being in love with Jim. In the hallway, they are confronted by Emily herself, who punches Odd for making up the rumor.

In the Sewers, Jeremie and Odd encounter the bees, who nearly kill them. They escape by jumping into the sewer water. Once they return to Kadic, Jeremie decides to make a robot to get the bees out of the way. Ulrich finally talks to Yumi about her letter, and tells her that he feels the same way. She says she didn't write the letter, resulting in the hysterical laughter of Sissi, Herb, and Nicholas in the background. Then Jeremie and Odd return, and inform the two they must go to Lyoko ASAP. They get to the Factory, where Jeremie virtualizes all three of them into the Forest, where Aelita is waiting.

Meanwhile, Sissi is talking to Herb and Nicholas about how her genius plan, the letter, worked out. Herb and Nicholas suddenly look at something, drop their books, and begin to run screaming towards the Cafeteria. Sissi turns to see what they were so fritghtened about, only to observe the gigantic swarm of bees coming straight towards her. She quickly outruns her two accomplices, and actually makes it to the Cafeteria before them.

On Lyoko, Odd and Yumi valiantly protect Aelita against a group of Hornets while Ulrich justs stands there, infuriating Jeremie, who sees Odd and Yumi losing life points rapidly. Odd and Yumi have 80 life points Odd takes a chance and runs to a Hornet he sprays poison giving him 30 life points and is hit again with the poison but before being Devirtulized he uses destroys it Yumi and Aelita head for the tower while Ulrich holds off the Hornet.Yumi has only 20 life points left and tries to destroy a Hornet but fails and gets Devirtulized ulrich comes just in time and finsh it with his Saber.

In the Cafeteria, firemen have come to aid of the children, but they are all stranded inside the eatery. One of the bees makes it inside, and soon, the entire swarm is inside the lunchroom. The students panic wildly, crouching under tables and such. Just as a bunch of bees are about to kill Sissi and her cronies, Aelita types in the code in the activated Tower, and Jeremie activates a time reversion.

Once back in time, Ulrich is in his dorm like he was in the morning. Knowing Sissi would put her letter under his door, he opens it before she can run away. Yumi is there as well, waiting. Sissi blushes and says it was for someone else. Yumi, knowing it was not, tells the brat to put it under Herb or Nicholas's door, saying they (especially Herb) would be delighted.

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