The cover for the "Subdigitals" CD

The Subdigitals are a techno band that is closely linked with Code Lyoko. The band has released a music CD called "Code Lyoko Featuring the Subdigitals". The CD contains 12 tracks and has been released in both English and French.


The lead guitar player is Jérôme Rebotier; the bass guitar player is David Masson; the keyboard players are Payet Pigeon, David Hadjadj, and Jérôme Reboiter. The Drummer is Chris Morales. The lead singer is Sebastian Davin.

On Code LyokoEdit


Ben, Nico and Chris AKA The Subdigitals

The Subdigitals is based off of the fictional band of the show Code Lyoko. The drummer is Chris Moralés, the nephew of Jim Moralés. The other two members are Nico and Ben, and their stage manager is Sophie. In Season 2, they were called the Subsonics stated by Ulrich in episode Saint Valentine's Day. They changed their name to the Subdigitals in Season 4. The band held an audition to see who would open for them in a concert, and Aelita got the part.


English CDEdit

The tracks of the English CD are as follows:

  1. Planet Net
  2. Angel of Mine
  3. School is Out
  4. Virtual World
  5. Time to Cry
  6. Secret Life
  7. Surfing in Cyberspace
  8. Mother Earth
  9. Get Away
  10. World With my Eyes
  11. Break Away
  12. A World Without Danger

In Time to Cry, Debra Reynolds is one of the singers and in A World Without Danger, Noam Kaniel is the singer. Break Away was written by Herman Martin and Serge Tavitian, and A World Without Danger is written by Franck Keller and Ygal Amar.

French CDEdit

File:U - AELITA- party!.jpg

The tracks for the French CD are as follows:

  1. Planet Net
  2. Ouvre Les Yeux
  3. Technoide
  4. D'ici Et Ailleurs
  5. Ensemble
  6. Sauver Le Monde
  7. Rodeo
  8. La Tribu
  9. S'en Aller
  10. Bienvenue
  11. S'envoler
  12. Un Monde Sans Danger