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Straight to Heart
Episode No. 53
Production No. 303(?)
Air Date October 4, 2006
Sector Carthage, Ice Barrier
XANA attack method Attack on the Core of Lyoko.

Straight to Heart was the first episode of the third season of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 4, 2006.


The episode begins at the end of the summer vacation. Jeremy, Aelita, and Yumi are in the lab. Jeremy is at the computer while Yumi and Aelita are playing Go (a Japanese board game similar to chess). Odd and Ulrich then come in from summer camp. Odd asks if the ladies had missed him, they just say that they could have stayed away longer as there had been no XANA attacks since they had left. Jeremy tells the group that since XANA had left the supercomputer and accessed the World Wide Web they hadn’t heard anything and that he had just finished re-programming the superscan to detect XANA anywhere on Earth, he then tests it and it shows that it is in working order. Odd reminds the group that they had to pick up their new class schedules before lunch. As the team is about to leave Yumi calls Ulrich back saying that she wants to talk to him, however Odd asks them to hurry up so she says that she will talk to him later.

Back at school, Ulrich recalls what Yumi had told him to Odd who begins to joke about Yumi wanting to marry him. Sissy then appears and tells Ulrich that they are in the same class again this year. Odd jokes about it being their worst nightmare, she tells him to laugh it out because he would be crying in a few seconds. Sissy then leaves and the others return with the class schedules looking down. Odd asks what was wrong and Jeremie tells them that Odd isn’t in their class anymore. While Aelita and Jeremie talked about getting organized with Odd in case of a XANA attack, Odd is concerned about how this was going to affect his already bad grades. After a moment, Odd marches towards the principal's office saying that he was going for broke. While the others begin to head off to lunch, Ulrich holds Yumi back asking what she wants to talk to him about. She begins to talk when William appears, she says she will talk to him later and walks off with William.

Back in the principal's office, Odd is begging with the secretary to let him see the principal. She eventually gives in when he tells her he needs to speak to the principal about Sissi. In the lunch room, the gang is talking about Jim’s latest obsession with basketball. Ulrich again asks Yumi about what she wanted to talk about, this time Hiroki appears, Yumi gets annoyed and Hiroki leaves after introducing his new friend Johnny.

In the principal's office, Odd tells the principal that Sissy was devastated about not being in Odd’s class and recommends that he would be transferred back to his old class. The principal refuses and tells Odd that Jim had made it quite clear that Ulrich, Jeremie and him should be separated, though he never mentions why(it can be assumed that Jim thinks the three are a bad influence on one another).

In the lunchroom Jeremie is checking over the progress of tweak on the superscan when it suddenly detects XANA hiding somewhere in the United States. Jeremie and Aelita then head off to the factory to find out more information. Yumi then begins to tell Ulrich what she wanted to tell him, when Sissy appears, Ulrich has now had enough so while grabbing Yumi’s hand he escorts her out of the lunch room, purposefully knocking into Sissy along the way.

Odd was now knocking at Jim’s door to find his room empty, cursing that Jim was never around when you needed him. He looks down and finds a picture of Jim in a disco club. He takes this and leaves.

Outside, Ulrich had taken Yumi to a secluded part of the park when she finally tells him what she wanted to say, She says that they should be friends and that’s all. Ulrich is stunned to hear this. Back at the factory, Jeremie announces that XANA had sent a ton of monsters into Sector 5, and Aelita head for the scanners while Jeremie calls the others.

Ulrich picks up his telephone in the middle of his argument with Yumi and they both head for the factory. Odd is in Jeremie’s room working on something when a movie clip of Jim dancing in a disco club pops up. Odd then answers his phone and tells Jeremie he will be there in a minute. Odd burns the clip onto a CD and leaves the room, running into Jim in the process. He tells Jim that he would hand the film to the film club unless Jim got him back into Jeremie’s and Ulrich’s class. Jim then chases Odd out of the building.

At the factory Ulrich and Yumi aren’t speaking to each other in the elevator, and when Jeremie asks what was wrong they just reply nothing. He tells them to head for the scanners. Odd finally looses Jim in the park and manages to go down the passage quickly and arrives out of breath at the factory, Jeremie tells him that the others were waiting for him. Odd gets into a scanner and is virtualized. On Lyoko, the gang rides through the Ice Barrier to catch the Transporter Orb. Odd tells them about his master plan to blackmail Jim to get him back in their classes, but they just think he’s doing wrong. Once they are at the edge of the sector, Jeremie calls up the Transport Orb and it whisks the team of to Sector 5. Upon arrival Ulrich asks where all the monsters are, and Jeremie replies that they are under a new room just below the arena, but can only be accessed through the Celestrial Dome. The gang then run into the Core Zone.

Odd spots the Key at the opposite end of the room, and he jumps towards a column but comes up short. He manages to use his claws to crawl up the side of the column and make it to the top where the others are already waiting. Aelita gives him a smile and begins to jump across the other columns and manages to activate the key in time while the others just watch, stunned. The room then begins to re-configure itself. Yumi and Ulrich manage to make it to Aelita, but Odd however jumped and came up short at the last column. Ulrich manages to pull him up at the last second. They reach the celestial dome and wait for Jeremie to materialize the vehicles. Odd comments about them not seeing any monsters, when Ulrich points out two Flying Mantas coming from the other side of the sector.

Jeremie then materializes the vehicles and they begin to attack the mantas. Yumi and Aelita proceed to the south pole of the Celestrial Dome where there is a sei-circle shaped opening that rapidly renders between open and closed. They manage to enter the passage while Odd and Ulrich take care of the mantas. After they are all in the passage, Aelita activates a key that causes a staircase to appear, and at the top they enter a tall room. The ceiling is the underneath of the Arena and suspended beneath it by three data streams is a blue sphere protected by two cube shields. Creepers and mantas are firing at the shields to destroy them.

While Jeremie tries to find out what the sphere is, the others begin to destroy the monsters. Yumi takes down a manta but is devirtualized by another. Odd manages to destroy a couple of creepers before being devirtualized by a manta. Jeremie then announces that the sphere is actually the Core of Lyoko. Ulrich manages to destroy the manta and three creepers before being devirtualised by the last creeper leaving Aelita alone. Jeremie says that it is Aelita’s turn to fight. Odd asks what she was going to do as all she had was her Creativity. On Lyoko, the last creeper approaches Aelita and prepares a laser shot. Aelita however raises her hand and a ball of pink energy forms. The creeper then fires as Aelita fires the ball of energy. The ball of energy destroys the creeper, however the laser blast devirtualizes Aelita and defeats the monster at the same time. Odd is stunned, and he asks how Aelita did that. Jeremie tells him that Aelita had developed new powers (Energy Fields over the summer). Yumi scans the screen and see’s that Aelita has been devirtualized. Jeremie begins to panic when the screen shows the devirtualization in progress. He, Odd and Yumi quickly climb down to the scanner room where Ulrich is already waiting. One of the scanners opens to reveal Aelita, and she smiles and hugs Jeremie. The team comes to the conclusion that since Aelita has obtained her stolen fragment from XANA and regains her memory, she could now be devirtualized and not disapear forever, thus rendering Code:Earth useless. Back at school Ulrich tells Odd about Yumi’s conversation with him. Odd can't believe what he is hearing and then leaves to see Jim. Odd apologizes for trying to blackmail him and Jim agrees to help Odd get back into his old class. Odd leaves and Jim returns to his room ending the episode.

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XANA Awakens Part 2 (production-wise)

The Key (chronologically)

Code: LYOKO episode
October 4, 2006
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