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A XANA spectre trying to possess Jim.

File:Desincarnation 1.jpg

Spectres are extensions of XANA's consciousness that serve as his means of possessing things in the real world. They usually emerge from anything electrical, such as power outlets, electrified fences, or computers. However, they can also come from other things, such as bathroom sinks. They enter the host's body, taking control of all functions and giving the body superpowers. It is argued over on how the specter takes control. It may be a jelly like substance that sticks to the brain, but popular theory concludes that it is a form of Xana's consciousness that can stimulate a person's cerebral cortex. From there, XANA can implement his plots on Earth. Other times, the spectre itself can be used as a weapon by entering a person's body and clogging their airways, causing them to suffocate. Regardless of whoever is possessed, the spectre will retreat when XANA's attack is neutralized. A person can become resistant to Xana's spectres by constantly fighting him on Lyoko. The specter also causes the person controlled by XANA to have his symbol in his eye, but the specter can change it back to normal to make a disguise when it is needed. Jeremie created a spectre similar to XANA's to possess Odd in Tip-Top Shape, but gave him the ability to be mostly stand-alone. Ulrich also accidentally became a spectre when Jeremie miss-programmed the delayed virtualization process to Sector 5.

Lyoko Entities Edit

Odd in the research facility2

An example of what a Lyoko Warrior, in this case Odd, would look like as a super specter.

Beings on Lyoko can also be transferred into a spectre. In the missed episode Lab Rat, Jeremie completed a program which allowed Team Lyoko to be materialized onto the site of a Replika's Supercomputer. These spectres have the same appearance, weapons and abilities as their Lyoko counterpart, although used on Earth. Lyoko-spectres are mainly created when there is no scanner present, as is the case with Replikas.

The ScienceEdit

Acording to Jeremie spectres are created by a digital impulse that travels through the network at hyper speed that then comes through things like electrical apliances and water pipes, then searching for a suitable object or being to manipulate. Usually a host is given electrokinesis, super-speed, and super-strength.

Known Spectres Edit

Beings that can or have become Spectres.