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Episode No. 70
Production No. 405
Air Date July 3, 2007
Sector Carthage
XANA attack method Attack on Team Lyoko's under-construction virtual ship, the Skidbladnir.

Skidbladnir is the seventieth episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on July 3, 2007.


The episode opens late at the factory, the team is in the factory, Jeremie is at the computer and Aelita using his laptop while Odd plays with a ball and Ulrich and Yumi are sleeping at the wall. Odd reveals that they are programming a Virtual Submarine and miss throws his ball causing it to shoot across the computer screen, agitating Jeremie however Odd tells him to be quiet else he’ll wake “the two lovebirds” as he speaks Ulrich and Yumi both drowsily wake up. Both Jeremie and Aelita activate a program at the same time, creating a new room in the core zone of Carthage, Jeremie says that it will act as a hanger for the ship. Odd then gives the ship a code name: Melanie (after the girl he’s dating). The team leave the factory after Jeremie and Aelita run the construction program for the ship, they state that they have to be back by 4pm sharp to begin stage two of the construction phase else the ships data would collapse in on itself like a black hole. Back at Kadic, Aelita goes to Jeremie’s room where they continue working on the program when Jim catches the two of them and tells Aelita off for being in the Boys dorms after lights out and that they will go to the principal first thing in the morning.

The next morning, the principal tells the two off for ignoring the ethical issues that Kadic is meant to teach them and when they protest that they were studying together, the principal confines them to the library for the entire afternoon. Jeremie reveals that this is the worst possible timing as now they couldn’t be able to get to the factory in order to run the program, Odd suggests using lunch to make a fake escape by saying that something they ate didn’t agree with them and they have to go to the infirmary, when Ulrich says that the menu is Bravioli, Jeremie says the plan will work however the plan is shattered by Jim who tells Jeremie and Aelita that they will have lunch with him so he can get them to the library quickly. In the lunch room, Odd tries to trick Jim by phoning him and saying that he had won the lottery however Jim quickly realises this and tell Odd off. Jeremie and Aelita are both then taken to the library while Odd attempts another distraction by using a toy robot mouse to scare Jim, which again doesn’t work. Odd leaves and Jeremie’s computer suddenly alarms, Jeremie opens it to find the Holosphere picking up three Creepers in the elevator that leads to the ships hanger. Jim then confiscates Jeremie and Aelita’s mobiles and tells Jeremie to close his laptop. Odd and Ulrich attempt to look through the window and Jeremie uses his watch to try and signal them by reflecting light. Yumi then appears and looks and identifies the signal as Morse code (stating that she and Hiroki use it to communicate secrets from their parents) saying that Jeremie said SOS Factory William.

As they speak, William flies a squadron of three mantas into the new North Pole entrance of Carthage into the ship hanger. The ships main body looks nearly completes and is suspended between four large electronic supports. William then tells the creepers and mantas to fire. As Ulrich, Yumi and Odd reach the factory, Jeremie and Aelita try a distraction in the form of Aelita asking for Jim’s advice as he said that he was once a Math Teacher in the Amazon. While Aelita distracted him, Jeremie used his computer to contact the factory. As Odd, Ulrich and Yumi arrive at the lab, they spot the message from Jeremie containing virtualization instructions. Yumi stays in the lab while Odd and Ulrich head to the scanner room, Yumi then successfully virtualizes Odd and Ulrich into the Arena stating that they had to hurry because if Melanie’s energy shields ran out it would be destroyed. Odd and Ulrich reach the elevator port and then take the elevator up to the hanger. Jeremie continues to relay instructions but is cut short by the principal who shows up and confiscates the laptop, when they try to protest the principal ignores them and leaves with Jim guarding the door. The elevator reaches the hanger, Odd climbs underneath it and uses various poles and pipes to move underneath the hanger walkways so not to be detected by the monsters. Ulrich takes on William in a duel which causes Ulrich to lose one of his sabres; William also brings in an extra set of mantas. Odd meanwhile manages to deal with some of the creepers wile William flies on its manta, Ulrich tells Yumi that Jeremie and Aelita must get to the factory now. Yumi calls Hiroki and asks for his help and (with a little encouragement from Johnny) he agrees. The two go back to Kadic and get Kiwi from Odd’s room and place him inside the library, Jim thinks it’s a trick to start with but then realises that its real and chases it from the library allowing Aelita and Jeremie to escape. Odd continues to take out the mantas while Ulrich continues to fight unarmed after losing one of his sabres off the edge of the hanger walkway and the other being imbedded in one of the subs support arms. Aelita and Jeremie make it to the factory with 8 minutes left till four o’clock, Yumi and Aelita head for the scanners. Odd gets devirtualised by a manta which turns on Ulrich. William is about to deal a final blow when a fan slashes him in the side as Yumi and Aelita arrive on the elevator. Yumi and Aelita then go to finish the mantas and Ulrich manages to retrieve one of his sabres however William manages to grab it and stab Ulrich through the chest. William then jumps up on top of the ship and strikes the shield with huge slash whose force ripples down the entire ships body. Jeremie states that if the ship receives one more blow it’s all over. Aelita destroys the last Manta while Yumi throws her fans however William deflects them and is just about to strike the shields again when Aelita conjures up a huge energy field and fires it, devirtualizing William. Jeremie then finishes the programming of the ships core program, fully completing the ships construction.

Later in the Hermitage, the team discusses possible names for the ship other than Melanie, Jeremie suggests Nautilus but the others think it’s to original, Aelita then enters holding a book about Viking myths and legends and shows them a picture of a ship that always reached its destination no matter what named the Skidbladnir, Aelita suggests the name for the group who all agree, other than Odd suggests that they call it Skid for short. Ulrich then asks how Jim reacted when he found out they were gone and Jeremie reveals that they haven’t seen him since he left running after Kiwi. The scene then changes to Jim running around the campus shouting that he will find the dog and the episode closes.

Preceded by:
Wreck Room
Code: LYOKO episode
July 3, 2007
Succeeded by:
Maiden Voyage

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