Official art of the Scorpion


The Scorpion as it first appears in Code Lyoko DS. Notice that its armor has not yet been removed by the attacks of Team Lyoko.

The Scorpion is a fiendish monster that has only been seen in Carthage as the final boss of the Code Lyoko DS video game. As of now, only one is known to exist. This creation of XANA towers above most other monsters and has a violent temperament to match its size. It is able to fire bolts of electricity from it's head and lash out with its sharp tail. In addition, its very footsteps shake the ground. It can dish out and take a great deal of damage but it is difficult to judge how much damage it's attacks do or how many life points it has due to game mechanics. It has a similar appearance to creepers only it is larger and stronger. It also has no visible skin so it's muscles and ribs are visible.

Spoilers below

It appeared in a three-stage battle where Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd had to take turns to whittling away at its life points and armor until it would run away until its next encounter. Its final appearance occurred during an in-game cinematic when it charged at Aelita in the Core Chamber, where she defeated it midair with an Energy Field, which caused the Scorpion to fall out of the Core chamber, presumably to its death.

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