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Episode No. 61
Production No. 309
Air Date October 17, 2006
Sector Ice Barrier
XANA attack method

Sabotage is the sixty-first episode of Code: LYOKO, having aired on October 17, 2006.


The episode starts with the Lyoko Warriors fighting with XANA's monsters in the Mountains, attempting to deactivate a Tower, when Ulrich and Odd turn scratchy and pause in midair, as if stopped on a tape recorder, giving opportunity for the monsters to devirtualize them. Yumi and Aelita encounter similar "fizzle" effects occurring to their bodies, and, after Yumi is shot down, Aelita barely makes it into the Tower to deactivate it.

Once all of our heroes are back in the Lab, Jeremie discusses with them that something went wrong with the Supercomputer's memory whilst they were on Lyoko, resulting in them stopping and fizzling in and out. Ulrich, Odd, Yumi, and Aelita leave, reminding Jeremie that Jim is doing a dormitory inspection that day. Odd leaves Kiwi behind, because, as he states, if Jim found out, Kiwi would be taken away and Odd be put into lots of hot water. Jeremie stays behind, and, using the Factory's security cameras, discovers Michael Reilley had been possessed by XANA and had burned out the Supercomputer's memory cards.

At Kadic, Jim begins the dorm inspection, lining up the boys, but finding out he is missing one, asks where Jeremie is. Ulrich responds that he is in the bathroom, but will be out soon. Jim says he hopes so, but Jeremie does not show up. Later, during luncheon, Jeremie, having gotten back from the Factory, tells the others of their predicament, informing them that they must replace the memory cards of the Supercomputer or it could lead to a crash. Yumi then informs them that she is going on an art field trip, so cannot help. After she leaves, Jim finds Jeremie, and drags him off to his room.

As we find out, Jeremie's dormitory is a complete mess, as Jim points out by removing one of Jeremie's underwear from the computer. While he is inspecting the room, Jeremie hands Aelita a box of something. Once Jim is done with his inspection, orders Jeremie to clean his room. When Ulrich and Odd ask if they can help, Jim replies no, and gets Jeremie to work.

In the hallway, Aelita finds out that Jeremie gave her clean memory cards, which she guesses he wants him to repair the Supercomputer with right away. Odd and Ulrich ask what they should tell the teacher is her excuse for skipping class, and Aelita replies that she must have "gotten sick" from the sheperd's pie served in the cafeteria.

At the bus stop, William is complaining that the bus which would take them to the art museum is totally late. The eccentric Mr. Chadrin tells his students that they must thus walk to the museum instead, and that they should do "anything for art".

While cleaning his room, Jeremie discovers that the Superscan found an activated Tower in the Ice Barrier. With Jim asleep outside the door, Jeremie quickly stuffs all his stuff into the closet, afterwards telling Jim his job is done. Jim goes in the room, opens a closet, only to have loads of boxes fall on him. Jeremie runs out of the room anyhow, calling Odd and Ulrich. Odd and Ulrich, as they try to get to the Sewer, are attacked by vines which wrap them up. Only Ulrich escapes. Aelita, in the meantime, is replacing some of the Supercomputer's memory cards, but only gets to a few before Jeremie tells her about the Tower.

Jeremie, too, heads toward the Sewers, and gets caught in the vines as well, right after calling Yumi, who is, naturally walking towards the art museum, overhearing William bragging about how he would buy something for her from the gift shoppe. However, when he turns around to ask her what gift she would like, she is already gone. As she approaches the Sewers, she is grabbed by a vine.

In the Factory, Aelita virtualizes herself and Ulrich into the Ice Barrier, where they begin a long and extensive battle between two Tarantulas. On Earth, Jeremie realizes that the vines randomly turn fuzzy and can be moved through, but only for moments. A brief argument between him and Odd ensues about what to do, but Jeremie convinces Odd to do as he says. The two escape the clutches of the plants.

The duo get to the Factory and Jeremie virtualizes Odd, who quickly helps Ulrich and Aelita, who are suffering from the sabotage XANA did. Jeremie, inspired by Odd's already-virtualized Overboard, virtualizes the Overbike as well, providing transport for Ulrich and Aelita. The trio sail towards the Tower in the distance, only to be attacked by two Crabs.

In the real world, Yumi is dragged to a crack in the ground and pulled in by the vines. Realizing the situation is desperate, Jeremie tells the Lyoko Warriors to hurry up. Aelita, seeing the activated Tower is too well-guarded, realizes they only have one choice: to destroy the Ice Barrier Sector. Jeremie reluctantly agrees, and Aelita enters the passage Tower nearby and types in XANA, destroying the Ice Barrier. She escapes from the Tower just as it devirtualizes, and the three Warriors on Lyoko shoot each other (after a very brief Odd-induced argument over how to count to three). Yumi is almost killed by plants, and Jeremie fix everything and restart the system. In the end, the Lyoko Warriors talk about their achievements and such.


  • While recording the scene outside the school where Chadrin informs the students they are walking to the art museum, the three fans attending the recording session (including Code: Wiki member TL), were invited by David Gasman to join the voice cast to do background dialogue. Unfortunately, it was edited out, as we do not hear the dialogue in the final version.

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