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Nobody in Particular
Episode No. 62
Production No. 312(?)
Air Date October 18, 2006
Sector Carthage
XANA attack method

Possesion of Ulrich's body

Attack on the core of lyoko

Nobody in Particular is the 62nd episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 18th, 2006.

Plot Edit

In Ms. Hertz' class, Ms. Hertz is explaining how everyone did on the latest test. With a few exceptions, their grades are hardly spectacular, with most of the students getting no higher than a C. Jeremie got an A-, which is Ms. Hertz' way of reminding him that there's no such thing as perfection. Ulrich got a D-, since he gave some rather strange answers. She berates him for doing poorly consistently, despite his promise to do better. With an academic review the following day, things are not looking good for Ulrich.

In the cafeteria, Ulrich believes that Mz. Hertz is going to have him transferred to remedial classes, which will make it much more difficult for him to get out of classes to help fight Xana. The others are more optimistic. Changing the subject, Jeremie reveals that he's found a way to virtualize people directly into Carthage, but needs a guinea pig to test it. Drawing straws (using string peas), Ulrich ends up being the guinea pig. Ulrich leaves Odd his cherry soda as a parting gift should the test fail. Odd gives it to Yumi, feeling that she's more worthy of it.

In Carthage, Aelita, Odd, and Yumi arrive via the Transport Orb in preparation for the test. Jeremie explains that Ulrich should appear in their location and begins the process. After virtualizing Ulrich, nothing happens. Ulrich doesn't appear as he should, and gives no word that he arrived anywhere. Jeremie performs a search, but can find no trace of Ulrich on Lyoko. Repeated attempts yield the same results.

Outside the factory, Jeremie promises to keep searching from the computer in his room, confident that he's merely misplaced Ulrich. Yumi isn't so convinced, and believes that Jeremie might have permanently lost Ulrich. By themselves, each member of the group takes Ulrich's loss fairly hard. Odd shouts at Kiwi after finding him on Ulrich's bed, and both Aelita and Yumi cry for Ulrich. Jeremie just keeps working.

In the factory, one of the scanners comes to life and produces Ulrich, alive and well. Ulrich's somewhat disappointed that no one is there to greet him, and heads for the elevator. Upon trying to activate it, his hand passes through the switch. Confused, Ulrich makes his way to Jeremie's room.

In Jeremie's room, Ulrich finds Jeremie still working on his computer. Despite his best efforts, he can't get Jeremie to notice him. Aelita and Odd (holding Kiwi) arrive to get an update, and are just as oblivious to Ulrich as Jeremie is. Kiwi, however, does seem to notice Ulrich, barking incessantly as Ulrich speaks to him. Ulrich tries to think of a way to use Kiwi to get the others' attention, and the dog jumps into him as an answer. By jumping into Ulrich, Kiwi is possessed by him. As Aelita tries to think of an explanation for Ulrich's disappearance, Ulrich injects, claiming that it must be a system bug. It takes the others a bit to realize that Kiwi is the one talking to them. Ulrich's short explanation of how he came to possess Kiwi gives Jeremie an idea of what happened. Ulrich's body when to Lyoko, but his mind stayed behind. Jeremie couldn't find Ulrich on Lyoko because his lifeless body doesn't give the same signal on its own. Knowing what has happened, Jeremie is sure he can fix it by the end of the afternoon. Ulrich uses the opportunity to do something about his upcoming academic review.

In Jim's room, Ulrich passes through the wall and possesses him as he is admiring himself at his mirror. Sizing up the temporary body, Ulrich tries to approximate Jim's voice and leaves. He slips on a bar of soap left by Nicolas upon exiting, hurting his back. Hearing Jim's cell phone ring, Ulrich answers it, finding Suzanne on the other end. He tries to talk to her about the academic review, but she just wants him to meet her in the gym in five minutes. In the gym, Ms. Hertz has called Jim to get ballroom dancing lessons because "Jim" knows he has a date that Saturday. Ulrich tries to get her to talk about his academic review in exchange, but she is tired of giving Ulrich chances. Angry, Ulrich leaves, but only after giving Suzanne an ultimatum.

In the cafeteria, Ulrich is forced to watch over the students as they get into a food fight. His attempts to stop them fail miserably, especially since Odd is the one egging them on. Odd has them all throw food at Jim, at which point Ulrich reveals that it's actually him speaking though Jim. Odd and Yumi follow Ulrich outside as he dodges the food. Ulrich gives a quick explanation as to why he's in Jim's body once they're alone. Jeremie calls to tell Yumi that he found Ulrich's body. Ulrich wants to wait until after the academic review, however, since he had no luck with Ms. Hertz perviously. When questioned about what he means by that, Ulrich says he'd rather not talk about it. The principal then arrives to take both him and Odd to the academic review. Odd has to go since he's the class representative. As they leave, Yumi gets another call from Jeremie. Ulrich's body seems to be moving on its own, something it shouldn't be doing with no mind. Since Odd and Ulrich are stuck in the academic review meeting, Jeremie has Aelita send them a text message.

At the academic review meeting, the principal begins by working out the order they'll go through the children in. Odd's cell phone rings from Aelita's text message, so the principal has Odd shut off his phone. Odd shows the message to Ulrich before doing so. Getting back to the meeting, the principal asks if the should go alphabetically from the last letter or the first letter. Ulrich tries to start from the last letter to speed things up, but Ms. Hertz wants to start from the first letter. The principal goes with Ms. Hertz. When his friends' reviews come up, Ulrich uses the opportunity to make fun of them. In Odd's case, he mentions that Odd has improved in gym class, to the point that other students aren't afraid of him during javelin practice, and that Odd has stopped dropping the shotput on his toes.

On Lyoko, Aelita and Yumi make their way to Carthage with no incident. They quickly find the key, but it's guarded by a maze of smashing columns on a narrow pathway. Aelita and Yumi manage to avoid the smashing columns for the most part. One almost smashes Aelita, but Yumi hits the key in time to stop that from happening. Jeremie leads them through Lyoko until they find Ulrich's body, which is calmly walking through the area. Ulrich's body turns to reveal that he is possessed by XANA. Annoyed that he's been discovered, XANA sprints away from Aelita and Yumi at a speed neither of them can match. Jeremie explains that XANA is heading for Lyoko's core.

In the academic review meeting, they have finally reached Ulrich's review. The principal offers soup to the other members present, but says that all they have is turnip. One of the other teachers says that they have a problem. Even though he is referring to Ulrich, the principal starts talking about the poor selection. The teacher calmly elaborates to make his point clear. Ms. Hertz chimes in to recommend that Ulrich be transferred to remedial classes. While everyone is in agreement, Ulrich/Jim tries to convince them otherwise. He begins speaking of himself in the third person, accidentally switching to the first person on several occasions, claiming that there are other factors besides grades to consider.

In Carthage, XANA makes his way to Lyoko's core, passing through a fake wall as a shortcut. He does this well before Aelita and Yumi arrive, so neither realize that what looks to be a dead end is actually a shortcut. Since Jeremie can't open a similar passage for them, they are forced to go the long way to reach Lyoko's core. While they make their way to the core, XANA begins attacking it, using Ulrich's sword to fire a green laser at the shields surrounding it.

In the academic review meeting, Ulrich plays on the emotions of the teachers present by reminding them of their own childhoods. He convinces all but Suzanne, who insists that Ulrich be transferred. Ulrich/Jim convinces her to change her mind by bribing her with dance lessons. With the matter resolved, Odd and Ulrich excuse themselves for a bathroom break.

In Lyoko's core, Aelita and Yumi arrive to stop XANA. Even in Ulrich's body, XANA is able to absorb one of Aelita's energy orbs without being devirtualized. Her repeat attempts are discouraged by three Mantas who arrive to protect Xana. Aelita destroys one, but another manages to shoot her in the leg, leaving Xana free to continue attacking the core. Another laser blast from his sword destroys the first shield.

In the lab, Odd and Ulrich (still possessing Jim) arrive to help. Jeremie has Ulrich leave Jim's body and wait in a scanner while Odd heads to Lyoko. Once Ulrich's body is devirtualized, Jeremie can make Ulrich whole once more. After Jim is unpossessed, he falls asleep.

In Lyoko's core, Aelita and Yumi can barely hold their own against the two Mantas. Aelita tries to destroy the one attacking her, but misses. In return, the Manta fires back, devirtualizing Aelita. Yumi is also devirtualized by the Manta attacking her, but manages to destroy it at the same time. XANA, meanwhile, is still attacking the core. Odd is not far off, however. Xana is not able to destroy the second shield by the time Odd arrives. Odd easily defeats the leftover Manta, then crashes his Overboard into XANA, disarming him. Xana uses Ulrich's triplicate ability as a distraction to recover his weapon. Odd destroys both clones, but is kicked off of the platform by the original. As XANA begins to attack the core again, he is devirtualized by Odd, who used his claws to grab the edge of the platform. With the devirtualization, Jeremie is able to reunite Ulrich's body and mind.

In the dorms, Ulrich stops Jim from tripping on another bar of soap. Having gained some appreciation for how tough Jim's job is, he decided to give something back. Suzanne arrives to get the dance lessons she was promised. Jim just intends to get some breakfast, unaware of what transpired earlier. When Ms. Hertz reminds him of his promise, he assumes she is hallucinating from drinking too much herbal tea. She grows angry and punches him for the comment, knocking him out cold.


In this episode there are three goofs: When Jeremie is looking for Ulrich, a scene that appears again minutes later, where Jeremie goes from factory to his room directly. Also when Jeremie is talking to the spirit of Ulrich in Kiwi's body, change the lighting and the shadow goes from one side of his face to the other. Finally when Jim possessed by Ulrich walks into the lunch room we see Aelita sitting with Yumi and Odd when Ulrich walks out Odd and Yumi follow outside Yumi answers her cell phone and we see Jeremie at the factory lab talking on the headset with Aelita standing in the background.

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October 18, 2006
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