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Monster Swarm

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Monster Swarm is a Code: LYOKO computer game found on It features 3-D side scrolling gameplay. The only playable character is Yumi. It was released in 2007, but it takes place during Season 2-Season 3


When XANA takes control of some frogs the gang was supposed to dissect, Odd and Ulrich are forced to stay behind and defend the school while Aelita is nowhere to be found. This leaves Yumi on a solo mission to Lyoko to get to the Tower and save the School.


File:Monster Swarm Ice.JPG
  • Up arrow key is to Jump
  • Left arrow key is to go left
  • Right arrow key is to go right
  • Z Key is to use a melee attack
  • X key is to throw a tessen fan.
  • m key is to swich character

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