Monomorphic Clones

Monomorphic Clones

Monomorphic Clone (Mono=one; morphic=form) is a Clone that only has one appearance. They can be prototypes to Polymorphic Clones (like XANA-Yumi). During the all show, only 3 Monomorphic Clones appeared:

XANA's only Monomorphic Clone was XANA-Yumi, since when she was created, XANA wasn't strong enough to create Polymorphs, yet. All the others Monomorphic Clones belong to Jeremie.

Monomorphic Clones have supernatural fitness, strengh and speed, like XANAfied humans. However, they don't posses powers like shooting elecricity from their hands, unless they're XANAfied. Strangely, even XANAfied, Monomorphic Clones can't pass trough solid objects, like XANA-possessed people. This is showed on Double Take, when the XANAfied JEREMIE-Jeremie had to pry open the elevator door, unlike some XANAfied humans who only needed to ghost through it, before.

Plus, Monomorphic Clones also have pixalizing, when they are severely attacked or their bytes lost stability.

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