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What episode is Milly from?


Milly in Season 4

Milly is a member of the Kadic News Crew, and is the news anchor. She is quite intelligent for a little girl of eleven years, and is a member of the seventh grade. Milly is the friend of Tamiya, who is the camera girl. She has a crush on Ulrich, like many other girls at Kadic, while Yumi's brother Hiroki has a crush on her. She is very sensitive, and often goes around with Tamiya recording news. She sometimes picks up gossip and tells it to the whole school via the news report. XANA used her teddy bear to try to destroy the school and parts of the city in Teddygozilla, and she was a secondary target of XANA's schemes in Claustrophobia. She is scared of statics from Claustrophobia. XANA also possessed her alongside with her friend Tamiya and Sophie in Music to Soothe the Savage Beast.


  • She is voiced by Mirabelle Kirkland, who also provides the voice of Yumi.
  • She also dislikes being called "a baby", "small", or "little". This is most evident in Teddygozilla, especially with Jim, Herb, Sissi, and Nicholas. All of them picked on Milly and insulted her. It's also revealed in this episode that she has a teddy bear. Jim called her a little girl.
  • It is revealed in Lost At Sea that Hiroki has a crush on her, this is supported in Canine Conundrum when he invites Milly and Tamiya to watch in on the Pencak Silat class, much to Jim's displeasure. (They were interrupting the class.)
  • Sometimes, fans spell her name as "Millie".
  • Despite the fact that Milly is very sensitive, she is also very insensitive to the feelings of others. She did not hesitate to embarrass Yumi in Cold Sweat and she even refused to tell her who gave them the photo (though Tamiya did say where he was).
  • Milly's name is fairly close to millimeter which is a possible reference to how she is considered small.

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