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This wiki (created January 9, 2006)‎ is being gradually assimilated into that wiki (created April 21, 2006‎)

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Welcome to CODE:WIKI! Edit


The Full encyclopedia for the Code Lyoko series Edit

173 articles appear in the CODE:Wiki

Yumi 14
Crabpersonthingy Xana Awakens 318 Kadic-full
Characters XANA's_monsters Lyoko Powers Locations
SaintVal-dayEpcredits0032 Mini satellite Isthisgood Tower codes and data
Episodes Miscellaneous Code:QUOTE Code:Media


Code: WIKI recognizes the fact that it does not own Code: LYOKO. France 3, Canal J, Antefilms, and Moonscoop own Code: LYOKO. All images are also the property of those companies, and/or the people who took them. This is a non-profit website.

Fanon PolicyEdit

This wiki and its adopted parent wiki:, are for official Code Lyoko content only. Fanworks are not allowed on pages.

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