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Maiden Voyage
Episode No. 71
Production No. 406
Air Date July 10, 2007
Location The World Network
XANA attack method Destroy the Skidbladnir and Team Lyoko with it.

Maiden Voyage is the seventy-first episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on July 10, 2007.

Plot Edit

The episode opens in the gym, Odd, Ulrich, Aelita and Jeremie are all attending gym class, Jim then calls on Jeremie to climb the rock wall as the practical part of the lesson, Jeremie barely manages to climb a few spaces before he falls off, causing the entire gym to laugh at him. Later in the lunch room, Jeremie is still sulking over the class, Yumi then shows up and the team fill her in. Odd tells Jeremie that he would be more fit if he spent more time outside the lab, he then asks what he and Aelita are doing in there. Aelita reveals that they are making final adjustments to the Skid, when the team asks about testing the ship, Jeremie protests. The principal then arrives and announces that classes for the afternoon are cancelled due to a lesson on fire safety; Jeremie then agrees that they will use this time to test the Skid.

In the lab, Jeremie explains that Lyoko is actually surrounded by a huge hollow sphere, he says that it’s like a bubble in the ocean, the bubble represents Lyoko while the ocean represents The World Network, Aelita also explains that the bubble has a gateway that is used by XANA to attack on Lyoko and it will be the same gate they use to leave Lyoko. The team is then virtualized into Carthage where they make their way to the Skid hanger. Jeremie activates entitled ‘Energize’ that teleports the team from the docking platform into the Cockpit and Nav Skids. Aelita powers up the Skid and pilots it out of Carthage where they hover in the skies of the Desert Sector. Jeremie then insists that they return the ship to dry dock however the team insist on a proper test in the Digital Sea, Jeremie then allows them to test it for 5 minutes. Aelita makes all the preparations and the Skid dives into the Digital Sea. Jeremie attempts to contact the ship after they have entered the Digital Sea and temporarily looses contact.

Aelita contacts the lab shortly after they enter the Digital Sea and the Skid leaves the Network access gate and into the Network, Aelita sends a visual to Jeremie and it shows that the Network is actually a huge upside down city, completely submerged in the Digital Sea. Aelita pilots the Skid through the network until Jeremie tells them to turn around. As Aelita turns the Skid around, an error appears which causes the Skids Navigational System to go offline, Jeremie states that if the navigation remains offline, they would never find their way back to Lyoko and they would use up all of the Skids power until it disintegrates. Jeremie then leaves the lab to fetch some programs from his room that could help the Skid, leaving the team drifting on the network.

Jeremie reaches the academy however he is stopped by Jim and realises that all of the entrances to the dorms are closed off during the Fire Safety lessons. Jeremie manages to sneak into the dorms however he finds the passage to his room guarded by teachers so he attempts to find another way. As Aelita flies around the network, the networks light changes from blue to red and they come across a huge sphere, similar to the outer shell of Lyoko, Aelita instantly sees it as not being the real Lyoko and immediately steers the Skid in another direction. Jeremie makes his way to the attic of the dorms and then out onto the roof where he begins to make his way across to another attic access that lead to his room, he eventually makes it to his room and picks up his programs and leaves quickly through the main entrance, despite the fire fighters protests. Aelita continues to fly through the network when they come across a pair of new monsters, two large Conga eel like creatures that fire lasers from their eyes. Aelita begins to take evasive action, flying at breakneck speeds through technical manoeuvres. Jeremie then arrives at the lab and is told of the situation, he tells Aelita to launch the Nav Skids and leave them to fight while the Skid itself retains its power.

Aelita pulls three small levers and the Nav Skids containing Odd, Ulrich and Yumi detach themselves from the Skid, they fly and begin to combat the Kongres with torpedoes. Jeremie warns them, if they’re hit, they would be lost at sea. The Nav Skids manage to hold their own against the Kongres until Jeremie was able to fix the navigation program, Aelita called the Nav Skids back to the main body if the Skid and then pilots the ship safely home to Lyoko. In the lab, Jeremie gives the team a debrief, stating that the large sphere they found in the network was another virtual world, a Replika created by XANA. After the debrief, Jeremie states that the only thing he wanted to explore was his bed as he was tired out, the other members of the team asked him how could he possibly be tired from sitting in the lab chair. Jeremie said that none of them would believe him if he told them and Odd guessed that he walked across the roof of the dorm building, when Jeremie asked how he knew that, the others burst into laughter thinking it was a joke causing Jeremie to accept that they would never actually believe he actually did it and the episode closes.

Trivia Edit

  • Many main and supporting characters start to wear new outfits starting with this episode.
  • The code that Odd uses in this episode is 7130√51.

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