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Lyoko Minus One
Episode No. 54
Production No. 304(?)
Air Date October 5, 2006
Sector Forest
XANA attack method

Lyoko Minus One was the second episode of the third season of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 5, 2006.


The episode opens with Odds alarm waking an annoyed Ulrich, Odd however isn't in the room, he is in the principals office where the secretary gives him a set of flysheets that he has asked to be copied. Ulrich meanwhile finds Jeremie asleep at his keyboard, he wakes him and Jeremie reveals that he spent the night trying to create a way to transport the team directly into internet. Ulrich takes Jeremie to the bathroom to get him cleaned up and he reminds Jeremie that it was the day of the student rep election. It is revealed that Jeremie's only competition is Herb (who is being used by Sissi to get her needs as she is not able to run as class rep due to her father being the principal).

When Ulrich, Aelita and Jeremie reach their classroom, they meet Odd who is handing out flysheets and declaring that he too is running for student rep. In the meantime Yumi and her class are boarding a bus to take them on a field trip to the park, Mrs Hertz and Jim are the teachers accompanying them.

Odd and Herb manage to present their platforms to the class and as Jeremie is about to deliver his, the superscan alerts an activated tower in the Forest sector. At the same time, Yumi's entire class including Mrs Hertz and Jim is Xanafied. Yumi manages to flee and attempts to hide in the park with the class looking for her. Yumi rings Jeremie and tells him the news, and he, Odd, Ulrich and Aelita then leave the class room and sit in the courtyard where they decide that Odd and Aelita will go to Lyoko while Ulrich goes to find Yumi. However they are overheard by William (who is left behind from the trip due to bad behavior). William then leaves the detention hall and pursues Ulrich.

Jeremie successfully virtualizes Odd and Aelita into the Forest sector where they are instantly confronted with a group of four Tarantulas. They manage to destroy a few of the tarantulas however they are forced to take cover, while Odd distracts the remaining monsters. Aelita attempts to dash to the tower only to come face to face with the Scyphozoa, which then comes out from behind it and confront her. After Jeremy also discovers this, she informs him that it already took all of her data that XANA needed from her, and Jeremy tells her not to stick around trying to find out. Dodging the Scyphozoa's tentacles, Aelita attempts to destroy it with her Energy Fields, but it quickly dodges them and chases after her.

In the park, William and Ulrich team up when they see the Xanafied class attacking Yumi where they manage to put up a strong fight despite the fact that they are outnumbered. Back on Lyoko, the Scyphozoa corners Aelita and before she again try to hit it with another Energy Field, it stopped her by whipping her wrist with one of its tentacles. Then using the other tentacles, the jellyfish-like monster picked Aelita up and seemingly began to drain her memory once more. Meanwhile, Odd, having run out of laser arrows, continues to struggle with the final Tarantula until he tricked it and started racing to rescue Aelita, with the Tarantula giving hot pursuit. As the Scyphozoa kept "absorbing" Aelita's memory, Jeremy notice on the computer's window that it look like the it's implanting a virus into it instead, just as Odd finally arrived and aimed at it. However to their surprise, the Scyphozoa places Aelita back on the ground and floats off. Jeremie is confused that Aelita is still alive. Odd manages to wake Aelita up when she gets up with each of her her eyes' two pupils turned into the Eye of XANA, and throws him many metres away. It turns out the virus that the Scyphozoa inject into her head has Xanafied her. Odd then retreats behind a tree when Aelita fires an Energy Field at him, and then mounts the last tarantula which takes her down a set of forests pathways to the sector's Way Tower. When Odd attempts to destroy the tarantula, Aelita dismounts and runs into the tower where she ascends to the upper platform and enters the CODE: XANA. Outside, the tarantula suddenly disintegrates as XANA calls it back and Odd watches as the tower dissolves and Aelita falls onto the forest floor. When Odd wakes her, she has returned to her old self, however they suddenly realize that the sector has begun to delete itself leaving only the digital sea.

Ulrich and Yumi are now surrounded and William appears to have been knocked out. Mrs Hertz and Jim then raise their hands ready to fire lightning. On Lyoko, the sector disappears as though a giant eraser was running it out, it then suddenly dissolves the activated tower and the whole of Yumi’s class fall unconscious as XANA no longer possesses them. Odd and Aelita continue to run until the floor beneath their feet vanishes and they fall towards the digital sea only to be saved at the last moment by Jeremie.

In the Lab, Jeremie reveals that XANA had possessed Aelita in order to make her destroy the sector in order to stop them from entering Carthage. If all the sectors vanished, the Transport Orb would no longer be able to transport them to Sector 5. Jeremie then tells Odd that they would all vote for him as student rep as he would be too busy to deal with school matters and Lyoko at the same time. Meanwhile Ulrich carries an unconscious William back to the detention hall where he wakes up and decides that it was all a strange dream. The episode concludes with Odd being appointed student representative and the whole class standing around him with congratulations and suggestions.

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Code: LYOKO episode
October 5, 2006
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