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A default card.

Lyoko ID Cards are ID Cards that members of Team Lyoko carry. These allow them to remember the events that have transpired before a time reversion. On the back of the Card, each of them has a different design that indicates the Lyoko Warrior. The front of the card shows a picture of the warrior's Avatar and life point/attack stats.

The first five ID Cards are a tanish color while Jeremie's (shown only in Frontier) is a deep blue. This is a possible indication of a special kind of virtualization not for battle. In Deja Vu, the ID Cards also appeared as identifications to the instant messaging program that Odd was using to talk to his "cyber-girlfriend", who turned out to be Sissi. In the case of Sissi's ID Card, there is a question mark in the place where her Avatar should be.

Below are images of various ID cards.

Team LyokoEdit

Odd onengEdit

Odd New Card

Aelita 100 life pointsEdit

Aelita New Card2

Ulrich 100Edit

  1. Ulrich ID Card

Yumi 100 life pontsEdit

Yumi New Card2

Jeremie no life pointsEdit

==== Jeremiecard2 Jeremy ID CardYumi ID Cardnadifa ====

William 100 life pointsEdit

William ID Card Dark William Card

Vehicles 50 pointsEdit

Overboard Card Overwing Card Overbord card

XANA mostersEdit

Block Card Crab Card Megatank Card Tarantula Card Dark William Card Creeper card Hornet card Manta card Scypozoa card Roachster card