Here is a list of characters that has appeared throughout the series.

Students of Kadic AcademyEdit

Lyoko WarriorsEdit

3rd GradersEdit

6th GradersEdit

  • Anne "Anee"-Sophie Munler
  • Anouche Bedoyan
  • Veronica/Veronique Fayolle
  • Julie Vigourox

7th GradersEdit

  • Emilio Rodriguez
  • Lola Kieffer
  • Muhammed "Mohamed" Kantaoui
  • Tristan Brossard
  • Pierre Francois

Other 8th GradersEdit

Other 9th GradersEdit

10th GradersEdit

Adults and EntitiesEdit

Teachers and Administrative Staff of Kadic AcademyEdit

Lyoko-related EntitiesEdit

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