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Laughing Fit
Episode No. 15
Production No. 115
Air Date May 7, 2004
Sector Mountain
XANA attack method Creating a cloud of laughing gas that is lethal in large amounts.

Laughing Fit is the 15th episode of Code: LYOKO. It originally aired on May 7, 2004.


After the Opening, we hear Mrs. Hertz laugh as Jeremie says, "I've never seen her laugh so much." Odd replies with a "You're telling me! I've never seen her laugh at all." Mrs. Hertz says that the laughing is from Nitrogen Futoxide, or N2O, more commonly known as Laughing Gas, and tells them why the gas is sometimes used in Hospitals to relax the user. She also says that too much of it can make them literally die laughing. She tells them that to volatilize it, to drink water, or to splash water on themselves, with at least 1 drop.

Outside Kadic, Yumi is sulking as Ulrich tries to calm her, as Yumi replies with, "If you like talking so much, then talk to yourself." She walks away. Sissi butts in with Ulrich and tells her that not all girls are like that. Ulrich replies with a "Yeah, that's a shame.", and walks away. Sissi runs to Ulrich and asks him if he is coming to the rehearsal. He says "Yeah, I'll be there, but not for you. It's for Odd." She then comments that she is Juliet Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, the school play, and Ulrich again rejects her by saying that he is not playing Romeo Montague.

In the Science Classroom, XANA uses the electrical sockets, to create a spectre, and possess the Laughing Gas containers, releasing deadly gas with evil eyes in the middle. At the Ishiyama House, Ulrich knocks on the door and goes up to Yumi's room, and gives her a flower, and they start talking about Yumi's parents' fight with each other. In Jeremie's room, Aelita asks Jeremie something about getting along. She also is a bit worried about the risks they all take.

At the rehearsal, Herb is reciting his lines, badly, in the Romeo & Juliet play, with Juliet being Sissi. They retake, and Odd is taken over by the laughing gas. Sissi drips water on Odd, and tells him that they are performing a tragedy, not a musical comedy. At an apartment, Yumi goes into her father's room, and says that she wants him to come home. Her dad explains that the situation is between her mom and him, and to let them handle it. Yumi cries, stating that they're not even willing to talk to resolve their conflict.

After that, in Jeremie's room, Odd tells him what happened. Jeremie says, "N2O, Laughing gas... Mrs. Hertz said that the only thing that can volatilize it was water." Odd thinks it could be XANA's doing, and Aelita senses no pulsations. They then go to see if anything happened to the N2O containers. Meanwhile, in Sissi's room, Ulrich gets him and Yumi a part in the play. In the Science Classroom, they see that the containers are empty. In Lyoko, Aelita is running from two Blocks. As Odd is virtualized, before the scanner closes, some laughing gas gets in and makes a problem, making Odd get weaker in Lyoko later. Laughing gas also causes a Lyoko Warrior to lose his life energy.

In the Supercomputer Room, Laughing Gas gets in the room by the vent, and Jeremie presses keys on the keyboard fast, and runs away from it. The computer says, "Data Transfer Problem." In Lyoko, Odd feels weak, and tries to ask Jeremie, but he is out of the room by then. He screams, "Jeremie!". In the Gym, Sissi signs up Ulrich and Yumi for the play. Sissi shows her the suit, and says, when on, "Don't be silly, you look really stunning." Her parents are coming, by means of lying and telling each one that the other wasn't going to come. In the Pipe Room, Jeremie is running away from the laughing gas, as the gas seems to laugh. On Lyoko, 2 Blocks are in front of a tower as the Supercomputer Room is full of Laughing Gas. In a Room, The Gas is still chasing Jeremie as it grabs him and he falls in water, and it gets away from Jeremie.

In the Auditorium, Mr. Delmas is greeting people as Yumi's mother comes in and lies, by telling her husband is not feeling well. Yumi's father comes in after, and Mr. Delmas says, "Oh, Mr. Ishiyama, I'm delighted to see that you're feeling better already." He sits beside his wife. On Lyoko, Odd defeats one with a Laser Arrow. He defeats the other by sneaking up on it, and gets to Aelita. Ulrich is performing horribly at the play. The audience laughs. In the Water Room, Jeremie splashes water on the gas. On Lyoko, They find a Labyrinth around the tower. The gas is then flowing through the school, save the auditorium. Odd and Aelita are finding their way around the maze as he drops to the floor slowly. In the Water Room, Jeremie swims as Ulrich is performing badly in the play. When Sissi says a line, the Laughing Gas gets to him and Yumi, as he laughs, Sissi splashes water on him. The entire audience is laughing also. Ulrich says he feels like he was being controlled. Sissi gives Ulrich the bottle and he splashes it on Yumi as her parents gather around her and her mother says she was worried about her as Ulrich is taken over by the laughing gas again, and then Yumi is too. In the Water room, Jeremie is taken over by the gas. On Lyoko, Odd gets a Anticipation and tells Aelita about the path. He's too weak to move any further, so Aelita wants him to rest, to conserve whatever energy he has left in his body. Jeremie can barely breathe, as Aelita gets to the tower just in time, and deactivates it, executing a Time Reversion. (NOTE: Jeremie's voice echoes through the Factory, even though he can hardly breathe. He is perhaps thinking it.) In the play, Yumi has no part, and tells Ulrich the lines behind the area. That area is raised and everyone guffaws.

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Code: LYOKO episode
May 7, 2004
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