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Killer Music
Episode No. 18
Production No. 118
Air Date May 12, 2004
Sector Forest/Mountains
XANA attack method Creating a melody that kills people by listening to them.

Killer Music is the 18th episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on May 12th, 2004. It was one of the four episodes on the DVD set Movies, Music, and Mayhem.


At the beginning of the story, Odd is listening to very obnoxious music whilst Ulrich is studying for an exam (the music titled "Glad when You're Bad"). He claims nobody knows who wrote it. After Odd starts urging Ulrich to listen to the music too, Ulrich leaves and goes to Jeremie's dorm, where Jeremie is working on a robot. Odd continues listening to the music but suddenly faints on his bed as Kiwi jumps around, barking.

Ulrich ends up sleeping in Jeremie's room, but constantly wakes up during the night because Jeremie, it appears, talks in his sleep about Aelita, much to his embarassment and Aelita's happiness. In the morning they attend class, and when Odd doesn't show up for his exam, they go and try to found out what happened to him. They find him grinning and yet unconscious and transport him to the Infirmary.

The Nurse finds out Odd's pulse is dangerously low, and transports him to the hospital, and Ulrich and Jeremie go too. Meanwhile, Sissi was killed by her music, and Yumi barely makes it to the Factory. Pretty soon the whole school is killed, and XANA even kills the nurse.

Meanwhile, Jeremie converses with Aelita about any activated Towers. He and Ulrich make it over to the Factory and meet Yumi there. Ulrich and Yumi go to Lyoko to assist Aelita in the Mountains. They are attacked by a group of Blocks, That managed to freeze Ulrich. Yumi survives and races with Aelita to the Tower. Ulrich sacrifices himself for the two.

Jeremie manages unplug the speaker to stop the killer music. After doing such thing, the music quickly turns on even it is unplugged. He manages to punch in the "return to the past" button before he dies though. Ulrich, who also died and before Paris (and soon the entire world) dies, Aelita deactivates the Tower and everything goes back to the day before the exam. This time, Odd downloads a different tune called "Under My Cover" by R.U. Clegmatic, which he claims is a song "a machine" would have written. Whom Odd is referring to is XANA.


  • When Yumi covered her ears in the Infirmary, she could escape without fainting. When Ulrich covered his ears in the Factory, he fainted.
  • When Ulrich got hit by a Block's freeze ray, he merely froze. In previous episodes this damage "killed" you.
  • In the shot where Ulrich is asking Jeremie if he can study in his dorm, Jeremie's slouching position makes him seem non-human and more ape-like.
  • This is Matthew Geczy's favorite episode, according to Lyoko: Decoded part 1.

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