James Finson is a famous movie director who decided to screen a movie at the Factory in the episode End of Take. He enjoys making science fiction films involving extraterrestrial monsters attacking people on Earth. He designed the alien that was possessed by XANA in the same episode. Lots of people seem to like his work, including Odd and Sissi. The latter got a 20-second part in the movie James was making, in which she was the monster's first victim. Finson seemed to base his movies on other films of the genre, such as the motion picture Alien. Ulrich pointed this out, much to Finson's annoyance, and insisted that all films are unique in a way.

Finson was attacked by the alien shortly after XANA possessed it, and was stuck to the wall by the monstrous menace. After Aelita deactivated the activated Tower, Jeremie activated a time reversion, after which Ulrich informed Finson that another film had already been made at the Factory. Outraged, Finson informed his producer, and probably went to shoot the film at another location.

Finson was quite stuck-up and full of himself. It can be seen he is a very bossy individual, as he ordered his crew around very roughly and in mean fashion. He even tried arguing with the alien before it webbed him up. At the end of End of Take, Finson threatened to fire his producer for talking back to him. He obviously thinks his movies are the best of its genre, and seems to dislike Sissi. This dislike is what caused him to give her one line (a scream) and 20 seconds on film.

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