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Image Problem
Episode No. 7
Production No. 107
Air Date April 27, 2004
Sector Ice Barrier
XANA attack method Creating a clone of Yumi while keeping the real Yumi prisoner on Lyoko.

Image Problem is the seventh episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on April 27, 2004. It is one of the episodes found on the third DVD set, XANA Possessed.


The episode starts with Yumi and Aelita going to a Tower in the Ice Barrier Sector after Jeremie senses something wrong with it. Aelita checks it out, but unbeknowst to her or Jeremie, Yumi is kidnapped by XANA and placed inside a Guardian. Jeremie, seeing that Yumi is not onscreen at the Lab, proptly tells Aelita to stay in the Tower so he can scan for things. However, Yumi (who is actually a clone created by XANA) is seen suddenly to emerge from one of the scanners, and faints. Jeremie, Odd, and Ulrich take her to the Infirmary. When XANA-Yumi awakens, and Dorothy tells her to stay put, she throws the helpless nurse out of the way. After conversing with her friends as well as Sissi, she is beckoned by Mr. Delmas, who wants to call her parents for attacking Dorothy. XANA-Yumi, showing the white glowing Eye of XANA on her forehead, knocks the principal unconscious with the phone and goes to Jeremie's dorm to see if she can convince him to get her to the Scanner Room. Jim tries to act friendly with her but XANA-Yumi ignores him, much to his confusion. Meanwhile, Aelita discovers a Guardian. It is being guarded by Roachsters, however, and she is nearly killed. After running back to the Tower pronto, she tells Jeremie of the situation. After Jeremie stops talking to Aelita, XANA-Yumi decides she wants to go to the Scanner Room, so she tries to seduce Jeremie, who resists to the occasion, rather scared by it all. Ulrich and Odd come in, too, and when Ulrich sees XANA-Yumi trying to kiss Jeremie, he is outraged and heartbroken. Jeremie tells them they should go to the Factory to help Aelita. When they do leave, XANA-Yumi chuckles evilly to herself. At the Factory, Ulrich and Odd go to Lyoko, but XANA-Yumi pushes her Scanner door open and tries to disconnect the Scanners from the Supercomputer by pulling their plugs. Jeremie notices and goes to the Scanner Room to see what the problem is.

It is then finally revealed to the heroes that the Yumi on Earth is a clone created by XANA. She knocks out Jeremie, and continues trying to disconnect the scanners, after laughing evilly.

In Lyoko, Aelita figures out a way to defeat the Guardian. She creates a clone of Yumi via her Creativity. The Guardian gets confused and tries to absorb the clone Yumi too, but this is beyond its ability and it explodes in a brilliant flash, releasing Yumi.

Yumi volunteers to return to the Factory, but Ulrich points out that without Jeremie, they can't be devirtualized. Yumi tells him "You're armed, aren't you?". The real Yumi emerges from the Scanner (it is implied that Ulrich must have devirtualized her with his saber, but this is not seen.) She and XANA-Yumi fight each other.

Jeremie wakes up, but the hatch leading to the Supercomputer Room was torn off by the XANA-Yumi. Jeremie pushes XANA-Yumi into the the whole. However, she grabs Jeremie and tries to throw him in. Aelita deactivates the activated Tower, killing XANA-Yumi and making her vanish (this is not seen).Then, a time reversion envelops everything, saving Jeremie from certain death.

Back in the past, the real Yumi pretends to seduce Jeremie again as a joke, but Ulrich stops her.

Preceded by:
Cruel Dilemma
Code: LYOKO episode
April 27, 2004
Succeeded by:
End of Take

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