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Hard Luck
Episode No. 83
Production No. 415
Air Date 10/06/2007
Sector Desert (Replika-2)
XANA attack method Preventing Team Lyoko from destroying Replika-2.

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Hard Luck is the eighty-third episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 06, 2007.


When Odd breaks a mirror, bad luck follows him everywhere, even to Lyoko. A bug in his virtual avatar spreads to his friends, causing annoying pauses and random devirtualization. Despite the bug, their mission to destroy Xana's next Replika ends in success, and Odd's luck returns soon after to normal, or what he considers normal, and his friends consider weird.

Full SummaryEdit

As he prepares to get breakfast and pick up yet another girl, Odd breaks a mirror. Ulrich warns him about the impending bad luck because of it, but Odd doesn't believe in such things. However, Jim arrives a moment later to punish Odd for a prank involving him filling his brown shoes with cottage cheese. When Odd implicates Herve and Nicolas as really being responsible, he is punished even more for ratting out his classmates.

In the cafeteria, Odd's bad luck results in him not getting all the food he wants. When he tries to get a date with Ezra, Herve and Nicolas interrupt to complain about him ratting them out, thus ruining that opportunity. On a different note, Jeremie wants to destroy the Desert Replika they discovered previously, and plans a mission to do so.

On the Replika, Jeremie attempts to send Odd and Yumi to the real world, but a bug in Odd's program prevents him from going. Ulrich is sent instead. While they search for the supercomputer, Jeremie sends Aelita and Odd to deactivate a tower on the Replika. Once they appear on the ground, Odd's bug causes his body to fluctuate randomly. With Odd's bad luck, Jeremie forces the two to take separate vehicles.

At the military base, Ulrich and Yumi are confronted by Kankrelats, which Xana is teleporting in one after another. To escape, they head into the facility.

On the Replika, Aelita and Odd are chased by three Hornets. Odd manages to destroy two of them before his bug manifests again, freezing him in place. By the time it wears off, the remaining Hornet is already in place to deliver a finishing blow, sending Odd back to the factory.

Inside the military facility, Yumi examines a terminal to discover what Xana is building. Her search reveals that the parts are similar to those used in the cybernetic spiders at the jungle laboratory. Before she can read further, Xana locks out the terminal and more Kankrelats attack. Ulrich complains to Jeremie about the still-active tower, which Jeremie insists Aelita will get to shortly.

Still on her way to the tower, Aelita finds that Odd's bug has spread to her. The distraction causes her to crash her vehicle, forcing her to make her way on foot. Meanwhile, William arrives to take out the Skid.

Having made it to the supercomputer, Ulrich and Yumi are informed of William's arrival. A round of Rock, Paper, Scissors determines that Yumi will head back to stop him. Once she leaves, Ulrich checks on the supercomputer, only to discover that seven Kankrelats are guarding it. To make matters worse, Odd's bug causes Aelita to devirtaulize before she reaches the tower.

By the Skid, Yumi leads William into a field of rock pillars. When William finally gets tired of searching and hops onto the top of one for a better view, Yumi knocks him to the ground again. Before he can recover, she crushes him by pushing one of the pillars on top on him. However, as soon as she does, Odd's bug strikes again, sending her back to the factory.

With no one left, Ulrich is forced to fight against the overwhelming odds in the supercomputer room. However, he comes out on top, destroying all seven Kankrelats in short order. Odd's bug affects him just as he destroys the supercomputer. Fortunately, Jeremie is able to pilot the Skid back remotely.

In the cafeteria, Odd trips while retrieving his dinner. He insists that he must be jinxed, but Aelita assures him that his luck will turn around. That seems to be the case when Odd finds what appears to be Ezra's cell phone, but he soon discovers that it is in fact Jim's. When Odd points out the pink color and heart decorations, Jim just says he'd rather not talk about it.


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Distant Memory
Code: LYOKO episode
Air date 10/6/2007
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Guided Missile

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