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Final Round
Episode No. 65
Production No. 315
Air Date October 23, 2006
Sector Carthage
XANA's attack method

Final Round is the sixty-fifth episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 23, 2006. It is the season finale of the third season.

Plot Edit

The episode opens at the factory, Jeremie is in the lab while Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita are in the Scanner room with William. Yumi asks William to swear that he will never reveal the secret of the group, he complies. William enters a scanner and Jeremie runs a program that records a digital incarnation of William into the supercomputer making him immune to the time reversions. The team then leaves the factory.

The next morning, everyone at Kadic is getting ready for the big skateboarding competition, Odd being one of the contestants. Jim is also revealed to be the judge and says that he was once a professional skateboarder, when Ulrich asks if he would rather not talk about it, Jim replies that he would love to however he didn’t have the time. Jim then began to call up the contestants and they perform (most of them very badly) the Odd performs a good display and when he finishes his routine, he is welcomed off the half pipe by Samantha Knight. In the dorms, Jeremie and Aelita are working on a program that will find and rematerialize Franz Hopper. They find the correct program they need and are just about to leave for the factory when Milly and Tamiya both show up for an interview named “A Day In The Life Of Jeremie Belpois” that Jeremie had promised them in advance. Aelita then heads to the factory alone.

When Milly Told Jeremy Something, She Tells Tamiya Something.

At the factory, Aelita spots that monsters have been sent to the Core Chamber in Carthage. She notifies Jeremie who is busy in the middle of his interview with Milly and Tamiya who have begun squabbling over interview questions after Jeremie pointed out if they were relevant to what the reader likes. Aelita then calls Ulrich he tells her that he will be over as soon as possible and as Odd was in the middle of another routine, he asks Samantha to pass on a message to Odd asking him to get to ‘He Knows Where’ as soon as possible. Ulrich is then about to leave when Principal Delmas arrives with Ulrich’s father who insists that they have a talk about Ulrich’s failing grades, forcing Ulrich to go to the principal’s office with his father. Aelita then rings Yumi who is horrified due to the fact that she had to babysit Hiroki for the day, when she says that she will try and sneak out, Hiroki appears at the door having heard what she had said. Aelita then calls William who is practicing his fighting skills in the park, he tells her that he is on his way.

In the Gym, Odd has finished his routine and asks Samantha if Ulrich had left him a message, she says that he hasn’t, Odd believes her and they begin to reminisce about the time since they saw each other. Yumi continues to try and bribe her brother into letting her leave the house but to no avail. In the lab, William has joined Aelita and are both trying to contact Jeremie about the best choice of action, William insists that they go to Lyoko and stop XANA now, however Aelita continues to phone Jeremie. As the interview goes from bad to worse with Milly and Tamiya’s bickering, Jeremie tells Aelita that saving Lyoko takes top priority. Aelita then sets up a delayed virtualization and the two of them head to the scanner room. The two are then virtualized directly into the Carthage Arena and William admires his new appearance. He wore a formfitting black and silver body suit and carried an enormous Zweihander for a weapon, immediately he asks where the monsters are despite Aelita telling him that Lyoko was no game. The wall opens and the two head for the core zone.

Jeremie had managed to ditch Milly and Tamiya by going to the bathroom and leaving out the window and begins to make his way to the factory. In the core zone Aelita spots the key at the end of a large room, William blindly rushes forwards despite Aelita’s warnings and a pillar rises immediately before him causing him to stop and then a hole opens in the floor and Creepers begin pouring into the room. William is delighted by this and tells Aelita to deal with the key while he deals with the monsters. In the principal’s office the row between Ulrich and his father continues and Ulrich begins to get tired of listening, at the same time Jeremie arrives at the factory bridge. As William deals with the creepers, Aelita manages to use the pillars that keep springing from the floor to reach and trip the key lever. When she calls William over, he tells her one or two more creepers and he’ll follow, as he speaks a huge wall suddenly rises between William and Aelita, separating them.

Jeremie then arrives at the lab and gasps as William informs him that a huge jellyfish has just appeared, Jeremie quickly tells Aelita to get William quickly. He also asks William to flee the Scyphozoa as it only meant bad news, William doesn’t listen and attempts to destroy the Scyphozoa himself but the monster quickly disarms him and captures him. Jeremie tells Aelita to hurry, as she arrives in the room, she sees the Scyphozoa leaving the room and William attempting to get to his feet. She approaches William cautiously and when he turns around is shown to be under the control of XANA, he quickly devirtualizes Aelita with a shockwave emitted from his sword and shouts with triumph.

In the principal’s office, Ulrich has had enough of his father and after a call from Jeremie, immediately leaves despite his father’s protests. Yumi then tricks her way out of the house by telling Hiroki that their father was on the phone and slips out while he’s distracted. Ulrich then calls Odd and asks why he isn’t at the factory, Odd then realises that Samantha hasn’t given him Ulrich’s message and leaves the skateboard competition. In the core chamber of Lyoko, William has gathered an army of creepers, he tells them to charge their lasers and all fire at one, immediately the first shield blows. Jeremie virtualizes Odd, Ulrich and Yumi into Carthage and they immediately head for the core chamber. As they go, Jeremie and Aelita suddenly see that the program to locate Franz Hopper, has succeeded and they quickly attempt to rematerialize him. As the team enters the core chamber they watch as William shouts ‘FIRE’ and the second core shield blows, leaving the core completely unprotected.

William spots the team and jumps to the floor of the room to meet them. Ulrich stays to fight William while Odd and Yumi begin to climb to take out the creepers. William spots this and fires another shockwave which devirtualizes Odd. Ulrich then attempts to devirtualize William however he is quickly disarmed and devirtualized himself after William thrust his sword through Ulrich’s chest. William looks up and see’s Yumi destroying creepers. He jumps up and slashes her, as she devirtualizes she says “I knew it was a bad idea to bring you into the group”. William then jumps to the cores level and uses his new XANA powers to hover right next to the core, he then plunges his sword into the unprotected core and destroys it. The team watch in horror as the core is destroyed and Lyoko vanishes along with William (who is seen remaining in XANA’s control and sporting a new attire), Jeremie also realizes that there wasn’t enough time to rematerialize Franz Hopper and that he too was no gone.

The next day, the team are in the Hermitage grieving over the loss of Lyoko and its inhabitants. When they think that they have lost all hope and XANA has won, Jeremie receives a coded email message from the internet signed by Franz Hopper and the episode closes.

Trivia Edit

  • The Core of Lyoko at last destroyed, by William
  • The only episode William seen with black-and-silver suit.After he's posessed, he is seen with black formfitting suit, symbolizing XANA's possesion.Despite has been freed from XANA, however, he is still have the black suit in Evolution.
  • This episode features the return of not only Samantha Knight, but Ulrich's father as well.It's also their last appearance in the series.
  • William's first venture to Lyoko ends with Xana possessing him. William destroys Lyoko's core while possessed, and survives the act, still under Xana's possession.
  • Franz sends the group a coded message from the internet at the end of this episode.
  • For the first time, Jim could talk about his past life: as a skateboarder. Yet he just doesn't have the time, as he's hosting a skateboarding competition.

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