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Fight to the Finish
Episode No. 94
Production No. 429
Air Date 12/22/2007
Sector Ice Barrier, Carthage
XANA attack method Possession of William, attempted destruction of Franz Hopper.

Fight to the Finish is the ninety-fourth episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on 12/22/2007.


The episode begins with Aelita dreaming that she was in the Celestial Dome trying to protect her father from Mantas. However, she failed. After waking up, she goes to see Jeremie who says that he is nearly finished with his multi agent program to destroy XANA.

Aelita goes down to breakfast with Odd, Ulrich and Yumi where she explains her dream. Yumi reassures her that it will not happen. But a few minutes later William arrives but Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi reject him. Jeremie then receives a message from Franz Hopper asking them to meet him on Lyoko. Jeremie calls the team to alert them of the message and then begins to make his way to the factory. Sissi begins to follow him as he enters the park although he loses her when he disappears into the sewers.

When the team arrive at the manhole in the park, Sissi is still standing there and when she questions them they all move to the Gym... to find the boiler room door locked, as they leave to head for the school gates, they find that Sissi had followed them. Just as she is about to question them again, William appears and distracts Sissi with a fake love act, allowing the team to get away before he too makes his way towards the factory.

In the lab, Jeremie explains that Franz Hopper was sending him some data and they had to meet him in the Ice Barrier. Soon after, William arrives and asks to accompany them to Lyoko. When Odd, Ulrich and Yumi refuse, Jeremie proposes that he will send William if they need backup.

William repossesed by X.A.N.A.

On Lyoko, Aelita meets up with her father in an ice cave where he transmits some data to Jeremie. Although soon after, XANA activates a tower and possesses William (again), where he knocks out Jeremie and proceeds to the Scanner Room. Meanwhile Odd, Ulrich, Yuma and Aelita were faced with a squadron of Mantas and the Kolossus. Yumi then allows the Kolossus to devirtualise her after Jeremie fails to answer them and finds herself face to face with William who she begins to battle. Aelita and Odd continue to assault the Manta's while Ulrich attempts to climb the Kolossus, Jeremie then wakes up and reveals that Franz Hopper has completed is XANA destruction program, Franz Hopper then dives into the Digital Sea for safety and Jeremie reveals that the program must be activated in Carthage.

Ulrich meanwhile manages to paralyze the Kolossus by stabbing the eye on its head. Jeremie summons the Transport Orb which collects Odd and Aelita and takes them to Carthage as Ulrich jumps, leaving one of his sabres in the head of the Kolossus while stabbing the other eye on his sword, the Kolossus then topples over, crushing Ulrich in the process and lays dead on the plateau.

In Carthage, Aelita and Odd reach the Celestial dome and Aelita begins to enter the program as more Manta's come flying to attack while Ulrich goes to help Yumi fight William in the factory assembly room. Aelita finishes entering the program however it won't run as there isn't enough power, Odd then gets devirtualised by the Manta's who then turn on Aelita however Franz Hopper then appears and the Manta's turn on him. Jeremie reveals that Franz Hopper is powering the program and commands Aelita to run it again, Aelita refuses and attempts to help her father but then realises that she must run the program. She turns back to the interface and just as Franz Hopper explodes in a flash of light, Aelita jabbed her hand on the interface.

X.A.N.A. is defeated

The core of Lyoko then erupts producing a large amount of white orbs which fly out of the core chamber and into the celestial dome where they destroy the Manta's. The four outer sectors of Lyoko then flash with a blinding white light. In the factory, William doubles up with pain and a black spectre exits his body and assumes the form of a human like shadow, writhing and screaming in pain.

The orbs then leave Lyoko through the Network Access Gate and flies around the network. Jeremie's interface shows the program was destroying all the Replika's. The spectre's scream fades and it dissolves into thin air. Jeremie is stunned that it was over, the final words of the episode were "Aelita we've done it, XANA's has been destroyed, I'll bring you home now". Jeremie then goes to the scanner room where Aelita exits the scanner into Jeremie's waiting arms where she burst into tears.

Storyline ErrorsEdit

  • As it has been proved in Season 2, XANA cannot posses anyone scanned and virtualized on Lyoko. But in this episode, Xana easily possesed William which counters what was explained in season 2. It is possible that getting possessed while in Lyoko negates this benefit.

Goofs Edit

  • When Jeremie is climbing down in the tunnel in the park, he is wearing his season 1-3 outfit. This is because the producers used that same shot in the season 3 episode Aelita.


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