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False Lead Title
False Lead
Episode No. 56
Production No. 306(?)
Air Date October 10, 2006
Sector Mountain
XANA attack method
  • Possession of two secret service agents.
  • Deactivation of the Scanners.
  • Attempted destruction of the supercomputer.

False Lead was the fourth episode of the third season of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 10, 2006.


The episode begins at night when everyone’s asleep, Odd and Ulrich are then woken by a beeping noise which is shown to be Odd’s Tamagotchi named Jean Pierre, Odd stops the beeping and places the Tamagotchi next to his bed before returning to sleep. Meanwhile in Jeremie’s room, the computer lights up and begins to access unknown files on its own. The next morning, Odd wakes up to find that John Pierre was missing from the side of his bed and begins to accuse Ulrich of taking it while panicking about its well being.

Meanwhile Jean Pierre the principal is working in his office when is interrupted by two men dressed in black who say that they are from secret servants from the government who the president himself doesn’t know exists. They accuse the principal of hacking into a top secret governmental system which overlooks radioactive weaponry; they eventually show him a phone number which is linked to Jeremie’s computer. The principal takes the men in black to Jeremie’s dorm where they conclude that Jeremie couldn’t have hacked from his dorm computer without a more powerful mainframe and they decide to put Jeremie under surveillance, Jim also joins in (having overheard the plan).

In the yard, Yumi joins the rest of the team who tell her about Odd’s missing virtual pet, Jeremie then decides that they should look for Jean Pierre in his room. Meanwhile in the boiler room, the men in black had set up a small headquarters with the principal; Jim enters and tells them that he had hidden all of the cameras and microphones around the school to watch Jeremie. It is revealed that Jim hadn’t hidden the cameras very well, they all then see Odd and Jeremie searching Odd’s dorm room, the principal and Jim see this as suspicious and are shocked when Kiwi is shown. They try and activate the microphone but Jim had placed it under the bed and all that could be heard were Kiwi’s barks. Odd and Jeremie then leave the dorm and as they walked down the hall a hidden microphone catches Jeremie saying “If we don’t find Jean Pierre in the next eight hours it will be the end of the world.” The men in black then mistake Jean Pierre to be the principal and when he denies all involvement, the men in black decide to place a tracker on Jeremie.

Jim catches the team when they were searching the boy’s showers and tells them all to leave and give Jeremie a pat on the back as he passes, leaving a tracking device on his laptop bag. In the yard the Superscan suddenly alerts an activated tower and the team head to the park, unaware that they are being tailed by Jim and the men in black. They make it to the factory and Jeremie virtualizes Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita in the Ice Barrier and they head to the tower which they find is not activated. Just as Jeremie begins to investigate this, the elevator opens and Jim and the men in black enter the lab. One arrests Jeremie and takes him back to the school while the other looked at the computer interface. Jim went down to the scanner room looking for Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita.

On Lyoko, Odd was flying around the tower on his Overboard to the amusement of the others who begin to realise that something is wrong as Jeremie hasn’t contacted them. At that moment the remaining secret agent taps the keyboard causing Odd’s Overboard to vanish and causing Odd to slam head first into the ice plateau, the secret agent taps the keyboard again and the Overboard reappears above Odd head causing him to bump into it as he attempts to stand up. Ulrich decides something is wrong and asks Odd to devirtualise him, Odd fires and Ulrich is shocked to find himself face to face with Jim when the scanner opens, when Jim attempts to question him, Ulrich knocks him out with a kick to the head.

Ulrich takes the wall ladder up to the lab where he watches the secret agent observing the computer, at the same time Jeremie is being questioned by Jean Pierre Delmas when Ulrich calls him and he shouts that it is XANA’s doing and to bring everyone home. Before the secret agent can question him further the Superscan activates again when the agent questions this, a spectre suddenly shoots out of some pipes and enters the agent and the eye of XANA flashes in his eyes. At the same time in the lab, Ulrich watches as a spectre shoots out of the computer and possesses the other agent who goes into the elevator with Jim. Ulrich then goes to the computer and tells the others what he had seen. Meanwhile the other agent has knocked out the principal while Jeremie escaped into the sewer heading back to the factory.

At the factory, the agent and Jim went back to the scanner room where the agent began to disconnect the scanners and when Jim tried to object, he shocked him with lightning. Ulrich remains at the computer seeing that the scanners were offline he alerted the others and Aelita began to guide him around the computer, he had just told them that the new activated tower was in the mountains when he notices that the wires on the floor were sparking and crackling with electricity, he opens the security cameras and sees that the XANA possessed agent is now shooting lightning at the supercomputer. The effects were showing on Lyoko as every few seconds a glacier would flicker or vanish, Aelita, Odd and Yumi then begin to hurry towards the way tower while Ulrich attempted to stop the agent in the supercomputer room.

The group exited the way tower and as they did the path that they were using flickered and vanished, Aelita (who was riding the Overbike) fell towards the digital sea but Yumi managed to pull her onto the Overwing moments before she hit the sea. They then saw the tower on an isolated plateau and it was guarded by a trio of Megatanks. Meanwhile, Ulrich had managed to sneak up and attack the agent with a pipe causing him to abandon the supercomputer and attack Ulrich, who escaped into the elevator and rose to the factory floor. As Odd, Yumi and Aelita reach the plateau, their vehicles suddenly vanish due to the damage to the supercomputer and they fall in front of the Megatanks who begin to fire their pane lasers at the them. Aelita ends up in one of the lasers line of fire and she shoots two energy fields directly at the beam, they strike it simultaneously and the laser shatters like a pane of glass. Jeremy drops down from the gallery just as Ulrich leaves the elevator, they are then confronted by the two XANA possessed agent who prepare to shock them before they are distracted by Jim who attempted a back attack without success.

Aelita used her creativity and managed to throw one of the Megatanks off the edge of the plateau while Odd was being chased by another which caused the two tanks to collide and cause a laser to miss Aelita by inches. Another tank fires and Aelita manages to block the blast by combining two energy fields in her hands. The other tank chased Odd to the edge of the plateau where he uses his claws to cling to the edge while the Megatank flies off the edge but before it hits the digital sea, it fires again and slices the edge of the plateau that Odd was clinging too, causing him to fall towards the digital sea as well although he is saved by Yumi using her telekinesis. The last tank then advances on Odd and Yumi while Aelita heads to the tower and Ulrich and Jeremy continue to fight against the agents.

The Megatank then turns and opens on its side before firing a 360 degree laser pane which Odd and Yumi barely manage to evade, Yumi then throws her fan and destroys the tank before they fall on the laser pane which dissolves when the tank explodes. Aelita enters the tower and enters Code: Lyoko causing the agents to fall unconscious as XANA leaves them.

In the lab Jeremie assesses the damage to the supercomputer and is able to launch a return in time. Once again Odd wakes up to find that Jean Pierre had vanished again but he reveals that he had hidden a secret camera, he then shows it to the other and it is revealed that while Odd slept, Ulrich had handed the Tamagotchi to Jeremy and Aelita quietly through the door. Odd, horror struck, tells them that that the only one he could trust now was Yumi however she told him that she was the mastermind behind it and assures him that Jean Pierre is in extremely capable hands. The scene switches to Hiroki who has Jean Pierre who seconds later dies, Hiroki then throws the Tamagotchi into the street where it is crushed by a car and the episode ends.

Preceded by:
Tidal Wave
Code: LYOKO episode
October 10, 2006
Succeeded by:

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