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Episode No. 29
Production No. 129
Air Date September 21, 2005
Sector Carthage
XANA attack method Attempts to steal Aelita's memory with the Scyphozoa while Team Lyoko explores Carthage.

Exploration is the 29th episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on September 21, 2005.


The episode begins in the Ice sector as Aelita is running toward a tower. She enters it, deactivates it, and is subsequently rematerialized. Ulrich expresses how tired he is of fighting XANA. When Aelita enters the lab, she suggests they go back to Carthage to find data needed for her antivirus. Jeremie disagrees with her, but everyone else convinces him to change his mind. He tells them they'll go tomorrow night. When they leave the factory, it's already late at night. Yumi runs off toward home because she knows her parents will be furious.

Yumi hopes to get home unseen, but her parents were waiting for her the whole time. Her parents keep drilling her on why she gets home so late. They ask her what's wrong, but Yumi says that nothing's wrong, citing her report card as an example. After Yumi goes to bed, her parents agree that they will have to be more strict with her. The next morning, her parents insisted that they walk her to school. When they arrive at the school gates, Sissi mocks her. Later in the day, Yumi tells Ulrich, Odd, and Jeremie about her predicament. Jeremie says she needs to regain her parent's trust and should stay away from Lyoko. Yumi objects, but Jeremie says he'll give her a play-by-play update.

That night, Aelita, Odd, and Ulrich are virtualized into Lyoko's Forest sector. Jeremie materializes their vehicles and they proceed to the edge of the sector. At the sector's edge, Jeremie types in the password:SCIPIO. Immediately, a Transport Orb descends down to Team Lyoko and whisks them away, to the heart of Lyoko. Meanwhile, Jeremie receives a call from Yumi, who tells him that she is thinking of them. After she hangs up, she climbs into a hot bath and sulks. When the three arrive in Carthage, the three-minute countdown begins. Jeremie thinks that stopping the countdown is the key to exploring further. After running down the blue stairs, Team Lyoko reaches a blue room, made up of irregular blocks. Jeremie tells them that Carthage changes its topography whenever someone visits. The three start running, but they end up going around in circles. At an intersection, Aelita tells them to go left, but after she runs in, she gets shot by a Creeper. She backs out of the corridor and Odd destroys the Creeper with his Laser Arrows. Jeremie tells Ulrich to leave a mark at every fork in the path and go left. If they already see a mark, then they should go right. They follow his advice, but it leads them to a dead-end. Jeremie detects a switch in the room the three just left. The three see the switch, but it's high above them. Odd jumps up to touch it, but he loses all his hit points to laser fire. Ulrich also loses all his life points and the countdown runs out. Suddenly, blue walls rise up on all sides, trapping Aelita. In the lab, Jeremie realizes that Odd and Ulrich haven't rematerialized.

In Yumi's house, everyone is doing their own thing. Yumi and her father are playing chinese checkers when she gets a message on her phone. Yumi goes into the hallway and calls Jeremie back. Jeremie tells her to get to the factory as soon as possible. In Carthage, the Scyphozoa is approaching Aelita's position. At Yumi's house, Yumi's mother goes into her daughter's room, only to see an open window and a doll under her bed sheets. Immediately, her parents go to Principal Delmas and Jim to see if they know where she went. Yumi enters Lyoko's Mountain sector. As she approaches the edge of the sector, her vehicle is shot down by Roachsters. She runs to the edge and Jeremie summons the Transport Orb, which takes her to Carthage. In the dormitory of Kadic, Sissi reveals Kiwi, Odd's dog, to Principal Delmas, Jim, and the Ishiyama's. She orders it to track down its master and it runs off. The dog leads them to a manhole in the park and they enter the sewers. Back in the Carthage, as the Scyphozoa gets closer to Aelita, Yumi encounters a network of security lasers. As she tried to get through it, she touched a laser and lost ninety hit points. To make things even more worse, the Scyphozoa captures Aelita and starts absorbing her memory with its tentacles. With only two seconds left, Yumi touches the switch and to countdown stops. In addition, a wall seperates Aelita and the Scyphozoa, and a pathway opens up for Yumi.

Yumi follows the path to a never-stopping elevator and jumps aboard. She grabs hold of Aelita as the elevator passes by. The elevator leads them to an interface on the outside of the massive blue sphere. Sorting through the data in the interface, Aelita realizes that this is the supercomputer's data and Carthage is where XANA lives. Aelita sends Jeremie the devirtualization codes for Carthage, so that he can materialize Odd and Ulrich. Yumi and Aelita hop onto the Overwing as the Mantas begin to attack. Meanwhile, the adults have reached the factory. Just as Jeremie opens up the data stream, a Manta shoots Yumi and she falls of the Overwing. Aelita takes control of the vehicle and flies it into the data tunnel, arriving in the Mountain sector. She goes to a neutral tower and is materialized through Code: Earth. With the materialization codes for Carthage, Jeremie materializes Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich. When they take the elevator back up to ground level of the factory, the adults are waiting for them. Jeremie presses the switch to take him back down to the lab, but Jim gets in. When the elevator reaches the lab, Jim is stunned by all the technology and forgets about getting Jeremie. Jeremie activates a time reversion, bringing them back to morning. Yumi is being walked to school by her parents. She tells them that she comes home late because she's in love. Yumi walks up to Ulrich, who asks, "What did you tell them?" Her response was,"the truth".

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