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Double Take
Episode No. 67
Production No. 402
Air Date June 12, 2007
Sector Desert
XANA attack method Taking control over a clone of Jeremie.

Double Take is the sixty-seventh episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on June 12, 2007.


The episode opens with the team in Jeremie’s room, Jeremie and Aelita are both working at the computer while Odd attempts to do one of his comedy acts to no success. Jeremie then reveals that he has spent the last few days reconstructing Lyoko and improving the digital equipment for the others. Jeremie then uses his voice synthesizer to call Principal Delmas (who is playing a computer game, with no success) to make up an excuse for William’s absence at Kadic. Jeremie then goes to the factory to continue his work while the others go to lunch.

In the principal’s office, Nichole Weber (the secretary) plays the computer game and easily completes it, making the principal slightly jealous when he gets a phone call from the real father of William, James Dunbar. When William’s father explains that William has not been in contact recently, the principal gets touchy as he believes the caller is a practical joker and hangs up which causes Nicole to question whether the man on the phone was really a practical joker. In the lunch room the team has just finished lunch when they are approached by Jim and the principal who ask them about Williams’s whereabouts and then threaten to call the police if William doesn’t return by nightfall. The team the call an agitated Jeremie about the issue and he says that he will have to find a way to create a program to bring William home while avoiding missing gym class.

At the vending machines Odd gets a drink while Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita pass the time when Jeremie shows up in his gym outfit and begins to flirt with Yumi, when he says that every time he looks at Yumi he “doesn’t feel like himself”, the team instantly assume XANA is in on it and attack him. Yumi then gets a video call from the real Jeremie who explains that he has made a polymorphic clone of himself to take his place at the academy while he works at the factory. When Yumi points out the clone’s behaviour, Jeremie assumes that it is some emerging qualities that he has no control over. Later in gym class, Jim attempts to humiliate Jeremie (the clone) by telling him to throw a shot put and everyone is amazed when he throws it high enough to go through one of the high storey windows of the science building and destroy an expensive model of a mirror telescope that Mrs Hertz was using in a class, Jim then immediately takes a shine to Jeremie stating that he would be taking part in all the school’s athletic competitions.

At the factory, Jeremie continues working on the program when he notices that XANA has sent William and a small set of Tarantula’s to the tower that he had activated to create his clone. William began to use his own powers to weaken the tower’s defences to allow XANA to activate it in red. Jeremie calls the team about the problem and tells them that he can channel energy from Carthage to strengthen the tower. William then succeeds and XANA activates the tower, the clone (who is holding a javelin) suddenly turns and aims it at Ulrich however Jeremie then activates his program, increasing the towers resistance and Jeremie regains control of the tower. The clone returns to its usual state and throws the javelin an extreme length which makes Jim even happier. As Odd, Ulrich and Aelita attempt to leave for the factory, Odd and Ulrich are called by Jim to have a race against the clone. As the race begins, XANA regains control of the tower, causing the clone to stop and attack Odd, Jeremie quickly manages to get the tower back and Odd pushes the clone away causing Jim to tell Odd off for “roughing up his champion” and gets Odd, Ulrich and Aelita to take the clone to the infirmary. Ulrich and Aelita then decide to head for the factory while Odd watches the clone.

Jeremie sends Yumi an SOS and she leaves Mrs Hertz’s class (Mrs Hertz still looking for pieces of the broken telescope). Odd puts the clone inside a closed and blocks the door with a set of lockers. At the factory, Ulrich, Aelita and Yumi reach the scanner room and are virtualized onto Lyoko’s desert. The three now see their new outfits, Ulrich’s samurai outfit being replaced by a yellow and brown, formfitting body suit, with twin sabres. Aelita with a formfitting pink and silver suit and miniskirt and Yumi with a formfitting magenta suit and yellow ribbon. Jeremie materializes their vehicles and they race towards where the crater that contains the tower is located, William spots them and the tower is activated again by XANA, William then goes with his tarantula’s ready to attack. Ulrich charges his Overbike at one of the tarantula’s and jumps, causing it to knock one of the tarantula’s into the craters where it lands on a path that circles its edge. Meanwhile at Kadic, Odd sees that the clone is now attempting to break through the lockers, he tries to prevent it however the clone breaks through and just as Odd is about to defend himself, the principal shows up and tells them off for fighting however the clone knock the principal out with electricity and then runs out the door with incredible speed leaving Odd to try and catch him.

While Ulrich has a sword duel with William, the two remaining tarantula’s fire at Aelita and Yumi on the Overwing, hitting them and causing them to fall towards the digital sea. As they fall Aelita accidently wipes her hand across a bracelet on her wrist causing a pair of pink wings to suddenly expand from her back, when she questions this Jeremie says there were a little surprise that he had added. Aelita then flies down and saves Yumi and lands on the crater path. At the factory, the clone arrives and Jeremie (warned by Odd) uses a program to seal the lab doors to prevent the clone from entering. Yumi meanwhile manages to destroy the tarantula that Ulrich had knocked into the crater. Ulrich is still battling William, he uses his Triplicate to surround him however William somehow detects which was the real Ulrich and slashes him, causing his clones to vanish. At the factory, the clone discovers the locked doors and begins to try and force them open with electricity.

Aelita flies high above the crater and fires energy fields at the two remaining tarantula’s managing to destroy one. William appears impressed with Aelita’s new ability and commands a Tarantula to jump on her, it misses and lands on the platform next to the tower in the centre of the crater. The cone then breaks through the doors and is about to attack Jeremie when Odd jumps down from the ceiling entrance with a broom handle attacking him however the clone sends Odd flying into the computer causing it damage, the clone then goes on to attack Jeremie. Meanwhile Aelita manages to destroy the last tarantula, she enters the tower and inputs CODE:LYOKO, causing the clone to vanish. As Yumi watches on William jumps down behind her and puts the point of his sword to her throat, pushing her to the edge of the pathway. Jeremie attempts to rematerialize her however the computer is damaged after Odd struck it. Odd then heads for the scanner room. William fondly flirts with Yumi and then pushes her off the pathway, Yumi however grabs him and pulls him down with her and the both plummet towards the digital sea. Odd then flies in and catches Yumi on his Overboard, the two then watch William vanish into the Digital Sea. Odd then ask about his new outfit (now a formfitting purple suit with white stripes and chrome ears) before piloting the overboard back onto the plateau. Jeremie then launches a return in time. In the lab, the team conclude that their only choice to get the principal off their case was to create a digital clone of William to take the real ones place at the academy. The team put the plan into action and watch its progress, the principal comes over and speaks to the clone who answers rather dim-wittedly however the principal seems satisfied however Odd claims that the team was not out of the woods yet and the episode closes.


  • This was the first and only time Triplicate is used during season 4
  • This episode introduces Team Lyoko's Season 4 Lyoko Outfits.
  • William didn't make his sword disappear at all in this episode.
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June 12, 2007
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