Decors 002

The building from left bottom

Dormitory building

The building from top, during the daytime.

The Dormitory Building is where most of the kids, and Jim as well, live. The boys' dorms and the girls' dorms are usually separated from one another, but this isn't consistent with every episode. The boys' dorms are on the first floor, while the girls' dorms are on the second floor, though this is not true as Sissi's room is nearby Jeremie's room. Many students share dorms with one another, like Odd and Ulrich, whilst other students have rooms to themselves, like Jeremie. According to Jim, there are times of the day when they aren't allowed inside their dorms, though this may have just been a statement made from Jim's then-malicious attitude towards the kids at the time of the first season.


  • Aelita and Taelia's rooms look exactly alike, although this is probably a coincidence.

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