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The tunnel leading to the Sewers from the boiler room.

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The Boiler Room.

The Boiler Room is another area of Kadic Academy, and the most special. In Cold War, Jim took the children and Team Lyoko here to keep them safe from XANA's attack, without ever knowing it. According to legend, a worker named Leon Corbet was killed here in 1905, during construction of Kadic Academy. Sissi, Herb, and Nicholas conducted a mystical seance to try and communicate with Corbet. The boiler room also contains a red door which accesses a passageway leading to the sewers which the team constantly use.


  • The school rarely puts any effort into stopping the children (mainly Team Lyoko) from using this as a way to the Factory.
  • Rarely used after Season 1.

Factory Boiler RoomEdit

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The Water Energy Room

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In the Factory there also exists a boiler room, it is found between the lab and the Assembly Room. It has been seen once or twice in every Season even Season 4 which has very few aspects of other seasons like Paco the King Of Disco and Kiwi 2. It also has and exension to a room which has the apperance of the Sewers but is a water energy room(see pic. on the right).The room was first introduced in season 1 when Jeremie and Odd where taking the long way around to get to the Lab since the Elevator was broken in episode The Robots. Later on it made some Cameo scenes in Season 2-3 and then appeared in Season 4 when Jeremie was Luring Herb and Nicholas out of the factory.

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