Barbara Weber-Scaff is a voice actress for Code: LYOKO. She provides the voices of Ulrich, and Tamiya. She is married and has a little daughter. She appears to enjoy Tom Sawyer as stated on, has naturally brown curly hair and has done many voices in video games and films including Egyptian Prophesy: Fate of Ramses and Siberia II: The English Series, as well as Indigo Prophesy, Beyond:Two Souls (Quantic Dream), and The Rabbids Invasion TV series. She has also played an acting roles in films such as Arthur and the Minimoys, Paradisco and Immortel (ad vitam). She has also recorded albums, including the French release of "A Step Too Far" with Elton John (from his musical "Aida") and hit song titled "Elle Donne" which would be roughly translated as "She Gives".

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