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|- |colspan=2 style="text-align:center;" | Aelita Title2 |- !colspan=2 style="text-align:center; font-size: larger; background-color:{{{bgcolor}}}; color:{{{fgcolor}}};" | Aelita |- |Episode No. || 57 |- |Production No.|| 307(?) |- |Air Date || October 11, 2006 |- |Sector|| Carthage, Mountain |- |XANA attack method || Attack on the Core of Lyoko, activated Tower as a decoy |}

Aelita was the fifty-seventh episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on October 11, 2006.


Aelita 135

Aelta tells Odd to go together to sector 5

In the beginning of the episode, Aelita is having visions of her and her father running through the Sewers. Franz Hopper activates the Scanners to virtualize him and Aelita into Lyoko. Aelita virtualizes successfully, but Franz Hopper only appears as a group of balls of light. He tells Aelita that they'd be safe there, right before they are attacked by a group of Roachsters. Aelita escapes into the Tower on Franz Hopper's request, and stays there. The vision ends, and Aelita is scolded by the history teacher, who says most people sleep at night. Sissi finds this hilarious, and half the class bursts out in laughter.

When our heroes are sitting on a bench outside after class, Sissi comes by with Herb and Nicholas, making various jokes about Aelita's daydreaming, afterwards mentioning Odd's foot odor. Odd asks various people if this is true, and all agree that his lower appendages do stink. Odd goes to the Nurse for help, who claims that Odd has an illness (although she's seen far worse, she claims), and that she has a cure.

Whilst Odd consults Yolanda on the state of his feet, Aelita has another vision in the Cafeteria about Franz Hopper appearing in the Tower where she is, claiming that XANA, an artificial intelligence he created had gained sentience and was hunting them down. Franz Hopper flies off to make a peace treaty with XANA, but tells Aelita to stay within the Tower. Later, sensing her father is in danger, Aelita leaves the Tower, venturing into the Forest, only to see Hopper being attacked by Hornets and Crabs. She runs back to the Tower with Franz Hopper, who, in his final breaths, tells Aelita he will shut the Supercomputer down because XANA is a threat to humanity. She asks him whether they will die or not, and he points out they will not, and tells Aelita to remember him. This is her last thought before the Supercomputer is shut down.

Aelita's vision ends, and Jeremie asks her what is wrong. She states that nothing is the matter, but asks Jeremie whether or not her father could still be alive on Lyoko. Jeremie thinks that this would be impossible, saying they should focus on things at hand. Aelita gets angry at this, asking whether they should just forget her past, and runs away to the Hermitage, where she cries, until Odd finds her there, asking her why she's sad. Aelita reveals she wants to find Franz Hopper (if he's still alive), and wants to go to Lyoko to look for him. Odd tells her that they can't without Jeremie, but Aelita smiles and says she can program the Supercomputer too. When they get to the Factory, Aelita virtualizes herself and Odd into the Desert, and also programs the Transport Orb to pick them up in one minute and thirteen seconds. They arrive on Lyoko and get to the edge of the sector in time to catch their "bus", as Odd put it.

Whilst in one of Jim's "library" sessions, Jeremie and Ulrich have a conversation about Franz Hopper and if Jeremie was too harsh on Aelita, right before finding out a Tower had been activated in the Mountains. Needing to have an excuse to leave, the two start yelling at each other about a recipe, provoking Jim's anger. Jim kicks them out to go to Principal Delmas, but they instead just go to the Factory, Jeremie stating that it was far too easy.

Odd and Aelita arrive in Carthage, quickly exiting and heading towards the Celestial Dome to find out more about Franz Hopper and his state of being. At the same time, Jeremie calls Yumi, telling her a Tower has been activated. Yumi rushes through her exam, then runs out the door and towards the Factory. Once there with Jeremie and Ulrich, Jeremie virtualizes them into the Mountains, where they began a battle with Hornets and a two Tarantulas. Odd and Aelita reach the key chamber, where they are attacked by Creepers, who growl a little too much at their presence. Odd and Aelita find this behavior strange, but kill all of the monsters with ease, activating the key and escaping towards the Elevator.

Just as Yumi and Ulrich kill two blocks guarding the activated Tower, Jeremie realizes that Aelita and Odd are on the Celestial Dome. Jeremie sees this, and tells them that there is an activated Tower, and that they should go. Aelita grudgingly follows orders as Jeremie virtualizes the Overboard. En route to the data stream that Jeremie would open, our two heroes see three Mantas guarding the South Pole of Carthage. Jeremie then scans the core room, and finds that six monsters are attacking the Core. Odd gets devirtualized by a Manta, and Aelita is left alone to go up the South Pole passage and into the Core Room. At this point, Jeremie orders Ulrich and Yumi to get to the edge of the Mountain sector to help Aelita. They comply, and soon, all three warriors are in Carthage.

Odd materializes into the real world as Aelita fights some monsters attacking the Core. Just when she is about to be outnumbered, Ulrich and Yumi jump in and help her. The three destroy all the monsters attacking the Core, and then head for the activated Tower (which, by now, they realize was simply a distraction). Jeremie then remembers Aelita's wish to see if Franz Hopper is dead or not, and tells her she can stop by on the Celestial Dome to check for anything if she wants to. Aelita does so.

In the evening, Ulrich asks Odd about the Nurse's food odor cure, and Odd takes off his shoes to reveal cream that he has put on it. Ulrich, however, almost chokes, as the cream is worse stinking than Odd's feet. Meanwhile, in Jeremie's room, he tells Aelita that the information she recovered from the Celestial Dome has no significance, and just as she is about to leave, he finds a DNA fragment of Franz Hopper's.

Goofs Edit

  • The producers have always had a habit of reusing scenes. They usually reuse just a few seconds so that it is not that notable. But in this episode they reused an entire sequence previously used in the episode Straight to Heart.

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October 11, 2006
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