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A Lack of Goodwill
Episode No. 81
Production No. 413
Air Date 9/22/2007
Sector Desert (Replika-2)
XANA attack method Materializing William into the real world, attempted permanent deletion of Team Lyoko and attempted destruction of the Supercomputer

A Lack of Goodwill is the eighty-first episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on September 22, 2007.


In the Cafeteria, Odd and Aelita have a contest to see who can fling their meatballs on a fork the best. Aelita wins because her meatball lands in Sissi's mashed potatoes, splattering them all over her, Herb, and Nicholas. "William" then tries to imitate them, but with a glass. Jim stops him and tells him that he is supposed to eat his fork with his glass, not play with it. (Though he was supposed to say that he was supposed to eat his food with his fork and drink his drink with his glass.) He then sends "William" to detention where he has to write papers in the library with Jim.

Team Lyoko then discusses the William clone's stupidity. Jeremie explains that the clone is not supposed to try any "personal initiatives, like imitating Odd" but then he mentioned that he was working on an upgrade to make the clone smarter. He had also upgraded the Superscan to detect Replikas and so they went to the Factory to begin destroying Replikas. All the while, Jim is yelling in "William's" face (his yelling is, fortunately, muffled) and Aelita and the gang show well-deserved disrespect when Aelita refers to Jim as "GI Jim".

Unfortunately Milly and Tamiya had heard them talking, and decided to find the truth for their latest scoop. They went to "William"'s dorm to try to "bluff him" which was actually very easy.

"You really hurt me by not returning my love letter" - Milly
"I'm sorry, I didn't get your letter, maybe William did" - William Clone

At the factory, Jeremie sent everybody to Replika-2, a Replika of the Desert. Ulrich and Aelita both materialized into the New Mexico Research Facility (which looks like Area 51) however, Jeremie noticed that the scanners were active. XANA had materialized the real William into the factory to destroy Lyoko's Supercomputer.

Meanwhile, back at Kadic, the William clone is explaining everything (confusingly) to Milly and Tamiya. Then he decides that Jeremie could explain it better so he takes them to the factory.

Jeremie goes to the supercomputer room to try to stop William with a metal pole. William throws Jeremie into a wall and incapacitates him. The William clone shows up and sees him holding Jeremie, so he lunges at William and they start fighting. Jeremie tells Tamiya to go up to the lab and tell the others to get out. She goes while William and "William" fight.

Yumi and Odd are being attacked by Tarantulas and Hornets. Tamiya tells "whoever you are" to come back. Yumi gets devirtualized. Ulrich and Aelita devirtualize each other to get back to the Skid. The Internet turns red and they fight two Sharks (without questioning what they are). When they all get back to Lyoko they devirtualize each other and go.

Meanwhile, Yumi is stuck in her Scanner because the doors hadn't opened all the way. William had won the fight, and gone up to the computer (telling Tamiya he was "The Good Guy") to "wreck everything". He electrocutes Tamiya at the wall when she tries to fight William with her "martial art skills" but that doesn't work. The William clone tries to attack William, but William deletes him and he explodes. When everyone gets to the lab he virtualizes himself back. Milly and Tamiya try to interview them, but Jeremie tells them, "The reason you won't remember any of this is because: return to the past now!"

At lunch again, Jeremie explains that he had to delete the upgrade. He had "used some pre-existing programs on the supercomputer that may have been used to program to personality of-- Xana" but then notices that the William clone is playing with his fork again, but then cancels it giving Jeremie a thumbs up.


  • In this episode Yumi says "another one bites the dust" which is most likely referring to the song by Queen.
  • For the first time, in this episode the William Clone didn't look completly stupid, as he fought bravely against the real William to protect Jeremie, Milly and Tamiya.
  • Jim's weight is revealed in this episode, as well as Jim himself hinting that he was once a rebelloius child when he was the children's age.

Preceded by:
Dog Day Afternoon
Code: LYOKO episode
Air date 9/22/2007
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Distant Memory

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